best for any kind of cook wanting come balance flavor and also nutrition, this collection from Circulon fuses the classic style that stainless steel with the health and wellness benefits the superior, nonstick technology. Impact-bonded aluminum bases carry out quick, even heating and are perfect for all stovetops, including induction. Easy-to-clean exteriors administer stove-to-oven-to-table performance, and also interiors attribute the unique complete Food Release system that combines PFOA-free DuPont Autograph nonstick an innovation with increased circles to alleviate abrasion, also from metal food preparation utensils. Even if it is whisking a light, healthy and balanced sauce in a saucepan or preparing a vegetable frittata in a skillet, this long-lasting nonstick cookware resists scratching, staining and also chipping. Usage the stockpot to simmer a large batch of nutritious lentil soup and easily relocate it around the kitchen, due to the fact that the stainless steel handles room double-riveted for strength. The shatter-resistant glass lids enable cooking to be monitored while sealing in heat and also moisture, and all Circulon Genesis stainless steel cookware is dishwasher-safe, oven-safe to 500-degrees Fahrenheit and also protected by the manufacturer"s lifetime limited warranty. Begin the journey toward healthy, flavorful food preparation with the superior, nonstick technology of this necessary 10-piece set. It has 1 qt. And 2 qt. Covered saucepans, 3 qt. Covered saute pan, 6 qt. Covered stockpot, and 8.5 in. And also 10 in. Skillets. Model: 77881.


IncludesMilitary apparel (Y/N)Shipping By air ProhibitedWith LidNumber the Cookware PiecesCapacity/VolumeHeat Resistant HandlesMaterialHeat-resistant handlesBrandManufacturer WarrantyWidthDishwasher SafeWeightType that Non Disposable Bakeware/ovenware/grillwareDepthColor/FinishHeightAssembled WidthLengthAssembled HeightAssembled Depth
1-Quart extended Saucepan, 2-Quart extended Saucepan, 3-Quart extended Saute, 6-Quart extended Stockpot, 8.5-Inch Skillet, and 10-Inch Skillet
Nonstick complete Food relax System
Stainless Steel
Limited Lifetime
Cookware Set
Stainless Steel
11 in.

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15.75 in.
23 in.

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