Olympian Aly Raisman stole the display at the MTV video Music Awards Sunday night, when she required to the stage with she \"Final Five\" teammates to current Beyoncé v the ideal Female video Moonman. The gymnast, that scored one yellow medal and also two silvers at the Rio Olympics earlier this month, looked perfect in a brief floral dress, and we would expect nothing less from crew who helped her gain ready.

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Chrissy Teigen, john Legend, and also their four-month-old daughter Luna got Aly glammed up for the awards show, the Olympian revealed top top Twitter Sunday. Aly\"s brother Brett also looked dapper in ~ the ceremony, enlisting a tiny help indigenous John.


Chrissy recorded Aly having a blast v her daughter Luna top top Snapchat.

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Friendship very first bloomed in between Aly and also Chrissy last week as soon as the model and foodie tweeted that she had a emotion they would certainly be friends.

Aly_Raisman i don\"t want to seem forward but I feel favor we would be friends please? we love you!

— christine teigen (

OMG YES. Ns love u and also ur husband. Can we please be ideal friends & have the right to I send ur daughter some of my leotards?