September 23, 2020 - 20:16 BST Hannah Hargrave Chicago star Catherine Zeta-Jones shared a stunning take self on Instagram showcasing her new, much shorter hairstyle and also her pan loved it

It looks prefer Catherine Zeta-Jones has bid farewell to she signature long locks and is trying the end a new, much shorter look.

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The Hollywood actress, 50, mutual a photograph on Instagram ~ above Wednesday and fans went crazy because that the major transformation.

Catherine is laugh at the camera in the selfie, through her hair hanging just above her shoulders, but because she didn"t reference her hair in the picture fans to be left wondering even if it is she’d snipped it all off or simply tied that back.

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Never-the-less her followers loved the look and also bombarded her v compliments. "Love the new hair," wrote one, while another commented: "I love this watch on you."

Catherine to be sporting a coral colour top and captioned the photo: "Peachy".

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Earlier this week, Catherine melted hearts v a sweet date of birth tribute to her dad, David. She shared an old photograph of them with each other enjoying tea and also cake and let the world know exactly how special he is come her.

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