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Caroline Manzo utters those four short words as tears roll dvery own her confront in the seakid three trailer for Manzo’d With Children. As soon as the footage debuted, fans voiced their concerns for Caroline online. Now, her kid, Albie Manzo, is establishing the document straight via ET.

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“Mom"s fine,” he reveals. “That was a really, really weird minute for us. I think we learned a lot about each various other going through that, because we literally uncover out, favor, the last second of filming what"s going on. That was a very fortunate thing for us, that things ended the means they did, and we"re really lucky.”

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“We"re all obtaining older,” Albie states, “and it"s important for every one of us to take care of each other and stuff favor that. It was an excellent wake-up call for her.”

The entrepreneur tells ET his mommy is now focused on her wellness, even working out with Albie’s trainer. Albie committed to fitness himself ahead of his 30th birthday earlier in May.

way right into fitness in a a lot deeper method,” he claims of the milerock. “There was a means I wanted to look. There was a way I wanted to feel.”

Albie states 2016 has, for the most component, been a great year for his family -- and thinks that will certainly interpret to an entertaining new seaboy of their present.

“It"s the the majority of fun year I think we"ve ever had actually,” he claims. “It"s the most excited I"ve been for a seaboy to begin … We"re all embracing who we are as people.”

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Now the question is, is Albie embracing another individual -- as in a girlfriend? For currently, the star says he’s single and also concentrated on himself.

“I"m really, really proud of where I"m at,” he confesses. “There"s a large part of me that"s choose, alright, if it"s not broke, do not settle it.”

Albie states the following time he goes public via a girlfriend, it will certainly be serious.

“I really desire youngsters,” he shares. “That"s constantly what I"ve wanted for myself. I want to perform it best. I desire to carry out it when, and also best currently I think the dating civilization is certainly a tiny nuts.”

Word to the wise, if you check out Albie pop up on a dating app, it’s not him! The truth star isn’t into swiping for love.

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“People are crazy out there,” he states. “I’ve never before used them.”

Manzo’d With Children retransforms to Bravo on Sunday, Sept. 11, at 9 p.m. ET following an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Hear more from Albie around the new seaboy in the video below.

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