Carla has used for a loan. Which condition makes it most likely that she will acquire an unsecured loan?A.She has actually a very an excellent credit history.B.She is ready to pay a large amount in interest.C.She is ready to placed up her house as collateral because that the loan.

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Emulous of reputation (first)
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Julie is walk on an extensive trip for 3 weeks. She resides in a far area whereby there are frequent electrical power outages which can last up to 3 or 4 days. Julie has actually quite a little bit of food in she freezer which would certainly go poor if that thawed and also then re-froze. She does have digital clock and also a VCR which would certainly flash 12:00 if the power went out. Regrettably the clock and also VCR flash also if the power just goes out for a couple of seconds. What can Julie carry out so that when she returns house she will have the ability to determine even if it is the strength was the end long sufficient to thaw she food? questioning a neighbor whether the strength was out, isn"t a reputable option since the nearest residence is fifty percent a mile away, and also one house may have actually power, while another house may have actually no power. She won?t have the ability to have a ar chec
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A mrs who lived in Germany during human being War II want to overcome the German/Swiss border in order to escape Nazi pursuers. The leg which she is to cross is a fifty percent mile across, over a big canyon. Every three minutes a guard comes the end of his bunker and also checks if everyone is ~ above the bridge. If a human is caught trying to escape German side to the Swiss next they space shot. If caught crossing the other direction without papers they are sent out back. She knows that it takes at least five minutes to overcome the bridge, in i beg your pardon time the safety will see her crossing and also shoot her. Exactly how does she acquire across?
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It"s Thanksgiving, and also your mom has enlisted in your aid in making dessert. She has settled on pie, for this reason the 2 of you acquire to work. You rotate your back for one second before realizing a pie is lacking from the lineup. There to be 2 apple, 1 cherry, 1 pumpkin, and 1 blueberry. Unfortunately, the blueberry one is missing. You decide to go question your siblings and find out that knows something. Castle all declared to it is in in their rooms at the time of the baking. You: Okay, that took it? We had 5 pies all set for the feast when everyone gets here and now we"re down to 4. Any of you understand where the lacking pie went? Wendy: What?! You"re accusing me? i bet girlfriend ate it. You probably couldn"t resist and also are make the efforts to framework us again! Damien: ns don"t know, examine in Wally"s room? friend know just how much that likes blu
by BerriesEmulous of call Grand
Two girls to be walking in the forest. It started raining really hard, so they took shelter in a nearby hut. As soon as it stopped raining, lock went the end to look for food. The first girl went straight, and the 2nd girl went left. The very first girl found an apologize tree, therefore she take it a bite out of an apple. She was turned into an to apologize tree. The second girl didn"t find anything, so she walk to find her friend. Once she gained to the apple trees, a voice said, "Your friend has actually been turned right into an apologize tree. You have one assumption: v to number out i beg your pardon one is her, or she will be stuck as a tree forever." The second girl automatically knew i beg your pardon tree was her friend. How did she know?
A male decides come buy a quite horse. He pays $600 because that it, and he is really content v this strong animal. After a year, the worth of the horse has actually increased to $700 and he decides to offer the horse. But already a couple of days later on he regrets his decision to offer the beautiful horse, and he buys it again. Regrettably he has to pay $800 to obtain it back, therefore he loser $100. After one more year of owning the horse, he ultimately decides to sell the steed for $900. What is the as whole profit the guy makes?
I do what scientific research believes to it is in fantasy become reality in the blink of an eye. Doctors take into consideration me a cause of insanity if to much of me in her life is applied. Once most period I began to disappear for as most age they apply much more logic and also reason to your thoughts. Mine biggest are afraid is come not get used and to be forgot. What am I?
Stopping distance of vehicles : when brakes are applied to a relocating vehicle, the street it travels before stopping is called stopping distance. The is an essential factor for roadway safety and depends top top the early velocity ( v 0 ) and also the braking capacity, or deceleration, ?a the is led to by the braking. A auto travelling at rate 72km/hr suddenly applies the brake with the deceleration that 5m/s2. Uncover the protecting against distance the the car
A man buys a rope indigenous a mrs for $3.00 and also hands the mrs a $10 bill. The mrs goes into the grocery store next door to get change. She returns and gives the guy $7.00. After the male leaves, the clerk native the store comes and says, "Hey, that was a counterfeit bill you gave me." The woman gives the salesperson a an excellent bill.How much has actually the woman lost?
A mother has actually three sick children. She has a 24-ounce bottle of medicine and needs to give each child eight ounces the the medicine. She is can not to obtain to the store and also has only three clean containers, which measure 5, 11 and also 13 ounces. The electrical power is out and also she has actually no means of heating water to to wash the containers and doesn"t want to spread germs. How deserve to she divide the medication to provide each boy an equal portion without having any type of two kids drink native the exact same container?
A mother has three sick children. She has actually a 24-ounce bottle of medicine and also needs to provide each son eight ounces the the medicine. She is can not to gain to the store and also has only three clean containers, which measure 5, 11 and also 13 ounces. The electrical energy is out and also she has actually no method of heater water to to wash the containers and also doesn"t desire to spread out germs. How have the right to she divide the medicine to provide each son an equal portion without having any type of two youngsters drink native the very same container?
A affluent wise old mrs feared that her daughter was lazy and also as a an outcome rather stupid. When the old mrs died, her will stipulated the her assets were to it is in liquidated and also a examine was come be created for the full amount. The inspect was come be put in one of three envelopes. The other two envelopes would contain a blank piece of paper. If the daughter can determine indigenous the composing on the envelope which envelope had the check, she would inherit she mother"s fortune. Otherwise, the fortune would go to the old woman"s favorite charity because that animals. The daughter to be not enabled to touch the envelopes. She decision had to be made based on the creating on the envelopes. The daughter to be told that only one envelope had actually a true statement and also that the various other two statements to be false. The en
Lily"s diamond had actually been stolen from her house. When detectives Ethan and Ethel come at the house, castle squeezed through the corridor that might only to the right one person at a time and also asked Lily who did she suspect. Lily said the two that she heard engines, offered a perform of three suspects and hurled them the end of her home to get investigating. The three suspects space as follows: Ben, who only has actually 3 vast caravans; Million, the owner the 10 dogs; and also Hank, a proud motorbike collector who has over 50 motorbikes in his garage. That is the thief?
One day, a scientist was down in his an individual lab. The was approximately 11 o"clock. He was working late top top poisons and also their antidotes. He to be hungry, so he go to obtain a snack. Suddenly, he found himself tied to a chair. There was a nasty spring robber in front of him. The robber had his wife. He claimed that," ns will just leave you and also your mam if friend feed she 1 entirety teaspoon a toxicity of her choice, if friend don"t, then I will certainly kill friend both". The scientist fed his wife an entire teaspoon of a kind of toxicity from his lab, but the mam did no die, how? There were blue, red, white, green, yellow, and also pink fancy poisons in his lab. Every one of them to be deadly. I beg your pardon one go the scientist choose?
I to be a point of eternal paradox. Mine courage is sustained by righteous anger, but I to be blinded by spend rage, fed from my grudges. My empathy renders me delicate to rather grief, but in the end, the is my own link to comparable trauma the breeds these sympathetic tears. Despite knowing that my entire civilization will at some point fade right into dust, i am overwhelmed through joy. That am I?
There space three doors. In every door is a means to die. The first door has fire and also lava. The 2nd door has lions the haven"t consumed in 5 years. In the third door there is a 1,000 foot drop right into alligators. Which door will you likely survive?
My first may it is in fashioned of steel or wood, and also at window or door for security is placed; In village or city it does much more harm 보다 good, Leading civilization their health, time, and money come waste. My second’s a lady, bewitching and also fair, and for love of her world will labor and strive; will rise prior to dawn, and also be wearied v care, and also pursue her v ardor as long as they live. My whole is what ladies admire and approve, The shopkeeper’s boast—the purchaser’s prize; ’Tis a ninepenny chintz—’tis a one-shilling glove— the is something i m sorry makes people open their eyes.What am I?
The following number shows a small component of a word document. Identify various formatting functions that are applied to it.

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