Ringtone identifier on the LG G6 and also G6+ lets you customize the ringtones provided when someone calls you, and you can allow this attribute by adhering to these steps.

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LG introduced the Ringtone ID feature a year or two back with the relax of among their flagship smartphones. Through this feature enabled, world who call you are instantly assigned a uniquely produced ringtone. This is rather handy together it permits you to learn the ringtone over time so you know who is calling without you needing to look in ~ the phone and also check the caller ID.

Now, Android smartphones have had actually the capacity to manually collection ringtones for a while.

However, it’s the automatically nature that the LG G6 Ringtone ID feature that provides it so convenient. Suspect you space happy v the types of ringtones LG is creating for you through this feature, climate it’s something the you just turn on and never have to tinker through again. As soon as enabled, you will then just need to find out which distinct ringtone has actually been developed for each human (which is something friend will discover over time). It yes, really is a handy tiny feature LG had actually created.

The attribute is tucked away in the settings application and also you can permit it by adhering to the guide below.

LG G6 Ringtone ID

Launch the setups applicationTap ~ above the Sound & notification tab in ~ the topScroll under to the Sound sectionThen toggle the Ringtone ID function onTap the Ringtone identifier option and also customize i m sorry calls acquire a unique ringtone (optional)


As mentioned, you have actually been able to collection a distinctive ringtone because that each person in your contact list because that a if now. However, setting this up is tedious and also can take it a most time if you have actually a large number the contacts. Some pick to perform this for just their favourite or important contacts, but it’s still a monotonous task and it will only be useful a limited number that times when those couple of people call you. This is why ns was therefore interested in the LG G6 Ringtone ID attribute when it was announced.

Now, it just takes a single tap to toggle a feature on and all of your just arrived calls deserve to have their own distinct ringtone (if you choose to customize it the way). There will certainly still be the learning curve as it deserve to take time because that you to number out and also remember which civilization have which unique ringtone, however it is a set it and forget it form of feature and that is the level of convenience that smartphones are made for. So to acquire started, we simply need to dive into the setups application.

If you want a tradition ringtone set for every contacts or every incoming calls, you’ll require to collection it up the way.

From here, look in ~ the top and also tap on the Sound & notification tab. Towards the optimal of the screen you need to see a Sound section and within this area is a feature dubbed Ringtone ID. By default (at least on mine T-Mobile LG G6) this function was turned off so you merely need to tap ~ above the toggle icon to revolve it on. On mine device, the default customization option was set to just use a tradition ringtone for the civilization in your contacts list who are collection as a favorite.

However, there room two various other settings to pick from here and also tapping top top the three tiny dots beside the toggle will certainly let you choose in between them. Once in the 2nd area the the LG G6 Ringtone ID feature, you can pick if you want a tradition ringtone for your favorite contacts, for everyone in your call list, or for every single incoming speak to that friend receive. Ns personally favor to see one for every solitary incoming call, however this is a an individual preference so set it up just how you like.

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Once every little thing is setup and also the function is toggled on, you can simply tap top top the Home switch to go earlier to the residence Screen and the LG G6 will customize the ringtones for you.