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Last night i made sweetpotato soup which called for 1 cinnamon stick. I forgot to put it in until around 10 mins prior to it was done, for this reason it to be just food preparation for 10 mins and also then ns took the out, rinsed the off, and also put it aside to dry, since I figured someone on FV would know i can think it can have shed some that its strength, however do ns really should throw it away?
I offered to do tea the end of cinnamon sticks, and I to be reusing a stick a few times. The most I supplied one to be 3-4 times, and the tea still came out fine. I imagine it would certainly be the very same if you offered it in soup.
Absolutely! even though after you"ve used the sticks a few times, the stamin does weaken, you can take a mini grater come them. This wil "re-strengthen" the flavor, and also you can use it for again for your various other cinnamon recipes.HTHsTheresa
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