Billy Crystal: say thanks to you. Say thanks to you. Thank you forthat warmth welcome, uh, very often, brand-new comedians likeme, uh, we have a turbulent time, especially in bigconcerts. Often, we’ll obtain no billing. The audiencewill have no idea there’s an opening act. And it’s notfair. I come out, 3 thousand people have timedtheir drugs because that the headliner. Whoa! have the right to be difficult.But, uh, I started performing as soon as I to be a tiny boy.My family members was in the jazz record business. Us owneda label called the Commodore Jazz label. Us recordedall the great people like Billie Holiday, EddieCondon, all the good old players and also my dad provided toproduce castle in concert and that’s where I to be broughtup, backstage, and also these old players to be my friends.Uh, it was a an excellent period in my life. They alwayscalled me “Face.” “Face” is a hip jazz term because that cutekid or yes, really pretty lady. They constantly called them”Face.” and also I hadn’t seen any of castle in about fifteenyears till, about two months ago, ns was pass alittle club in the Village, well-known the name of areal old an excellent friend that mine. I went to see him. Senthim a note. And also we had a actual sweet reunion backstage.

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Billy Crystal: Yes, yes,yes, yes, yes. The Face! Yes, yes, yes, yes. This isheavy. This is heavy. Yes, yes. Deserve to you dig it? i knewthat friend could. Yes, yes, yes. You’re lookin’ for this reason nice,Face. Simply so quite to view ya. … I’m okay. I’mfeelin’, uh, copacetic. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Canyou dig it? ns knew that you could. Yes, yes, yes, yes.Yeah. You been doin’ so numerous things. I been seein’ yapoppin’ up on the tube. It’s lover to see ya,absolutely charming. Hey, Face, execute you remember thefirst joke I ever did phone call you? you do? do it through me.It’s around old Zooty. Yes. Perform it. Zooty goes right into thebarbershop and he says, Hey, man, exactly how much is ahaircut? and the haircut guy he says, “Haircut’s twodollars.” Zooty says, “Wow! exactly how much is a shave?”Says, “Shave’s a dollar.” Zooty says, “Wow, baby. cut it!” Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.That’s lovely. Yes, yes. Have the right to you dig it? i knew what could. Yes, yes. … I’m okay. I’m giggin’, I’mgiggin’ all the time, every the time. I had some problemwith my teeth a if back. Yes, yes. Didn’t havenone. Yes, yes, yes, yes. It to be low, it to be low. Ihad to get some new dental occupational done on mine chops, yes,so I had actually no bread, friend know, therefore I had to hock mine horn,you know, to acquire my this fixed. Yeah yet then i waslookin’ good. I was lookin’ sassy. Choose Jaws, yas,yas, yas, yas. Deserve to you destruction it? i knew the you could.Yes, yes, yes. … What? Huh? No. That’s – that’scool, I thought you to be gonna say something. Ns was inItaly. Yeah, ns – ns was there with old mister BenWebster. We had a lovely time. Love the Italian folks,they’s charming. Certain lovely. We checked out aconcert the was given by Romano Mussolini. Yassss,yes, yes, yes. He’s the son of Il Duce. Yasss, yes,yes, yes. Have the right to you destruction it? i knew the you could. Yes,yes. Romano, he don’t play too good. That stunk up thejoint. And also we to be nervous ’cause us know, we’s gonnago backstage and he’s gonna say, “Hey, Pops, what’dyou think around the set?” and Webster, he’s too kindto phone call him the he stunk up the joint, you understand whatI’m talkin’ about? Yes, yes, yes. Sure enough, wewatch him. He’s lousy. We go backstage and he says,”Hey, Pops, what’d you think about the set?” AndWebster, he don’t know what to say and he goes, uh,”Hey, man, it was a drag what castle did come yourfather.” We simply laughed and also laughed, yes. Have the right to you digit? i knew the you could. Yes, yes, yes. What? I’m – I’m comin’.

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ns gotta go perform the 2nd set. Yes.Ain’t nobody there however we gonna carry out it anyhow. Hey,Face, it was so lover to check out ya. Absolutely charmingto watch ya. Store it together. Yeah, don’t ever before stop.It’s happenin’ now and also it’s for this reason lovely to see. Yeah.Never quit. Perhaps … get a to teach gig to autumn backon, girlfriend know, just in instance the gig don’t happen, youknow, you recognize what I’m talkin’ about? Yes. Deserve to youdig it? i knew the you could. Yeah. It have the right to be a sweetlife, Face. I obtained all that i need. God bless us, stillgot my old lady. And also my horn. And you know I obtained themusic. Hey, Face, where you go, simply remember that,well … love girlfriend madly.