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F in the chat (also in the plural Fs in the chat) is a phrase frequently used by streamers and viewers alike on Twitch and other livestreaming sites, calling for users to type or spam the letter "F" in the livestream"s chat. Derived from the meme Press F to Pay Respects, it"s frequently used to symbolize sorrow, compassion, or more commonly to sarcastically mock a FAIL or embarrasing situation.<2>


Main entry: Press F to Pay Respects

The practice of using the letter "F" to detonate sorrow originates from the 2014 video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which features a quick time event reading "Press F to Pay Respects" (or "Press X" on consoles) as part of a character"s funeral. This was widely criticized and mocked by players who saw it as distasteful for such a solemn cutscene.


Origin and spread

According to the publication theScore esports,<1> the practice of using the letter F in livestreaming chats took off in 2018, four years after the preceeding phrase, and then peaked in popularity in the spring of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The phrase has since spread into other websites" vocabulary, and eventually become part of Internet slang overall.<2> It has even seem seen use in gaming journalism, including publications such as Dextero,<3> The Gamer,<4> Game Tyrant,<5> and many more.<6>

Notable instances

Jacksonville shooting memorial

On September 6, 2018, the official Twitch channel for the game Madden held a memorial stream for the Jacksonville tournament shooting that had occured 11 days earlier. During this, the viewers flooded the chat by typing "F" in accordance with this meme. The event was highlighted by the news outlet Dot Esports<7> who referred to it as the unique way of expressing sorrow within Twitch culture.



There is a screenshot going around on the Internet of a headline reading "Twitch Streamer Dies On Stream, Viewers Spam "F" In Chat Rather Than Helping". However, the original article has not been located and the picture is thus probably faked or photoshopped.

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