You must have read a lot of of posts with a solution for a bed an insect infestation. From the professional assist to countless DIY ways of fighting those nasty pests. Native what you have the right to read, there room plenty of means of dealing with bed bugs, but which one does yes, really working? We understand quite a few things about boric acid and also how it’s used against bed bugs. A lot of of different opinions can mislead you, and also that is something the you don’t want when taking care of bed bugs.

Does boric acid kill bed bugs? In theory, boric acid have the right to kill bed bugs quite easily, due to the fact that of its composition, however in reality, that is quite hard to use it versus bed bugs. Why? due to the fact that you require a bait to entice bed bugs ~ above the boric mountain as they need to eat the mountain for the to take effect. Also, boric mountain dust death them as well, but only ~ a few days of exposure.

The just food that bed bugs eat is blood, so girlfriend would need to mix blood with boric acid to have some effect, yet this is not practical or recommended, and also most importantly, in some cases, they still won’t eat it.


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it is no recommended to usage it as a sole instrument in a fight against bed bugs, since it is virtually impossible to get rid of all the bed bugs and also their egg by using it alone. It have to be, choose borax, an unified with another pesticide if you want to stop a bed pest infestation.

So we deserve to see the it is not so various to usage borax or diatomaceous earth. What around boric acid? Boric acid is no recommended by us due to the fact that the impact of that is yes, really useless in the fight versus bed bugs. Other approaches are just better, while boric mountain is remarkable for other varieties of pests.


From every this, we can conclude the boric acid is not that good and it will take a many time and dedication come fight bed bugs off utilizing it. We highly recommended utilizing some type of pesticide (check our encourage list) or diatomaceous earth.

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Still calling the professionals is the best means to go (they will certainly most probably use a heat treatment), and also for sure that is the safest method to acquire your home bed bug free again. Keep analysis our write-ups for much more bed pest fighting articles!

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