For the past pair of weeks, whatever you believed you knew around the celebrity dating civilization has been thrown into a blender and also squeezed come a confusing, pulpy mess, asTaylor Swift and Calvin Harris are rumoured to be actually, properly dating.

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It"s to be a contempt ambiguous, possibly-made-up story for fairly some time now, however now there"s lastly photographic proof that the pair room at least very an excellent friends who enjoy high quality time on your own.

Yeah, very an excellent friends that likewise happen towear fully matching outfits and go to entirety Foods together. OKAY.

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Freaking out because Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris would be the hottest pair ever in history.

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Taylor andnewly singleCalvinwere spotted hanging out in Nashville earlier this week, making an exit from whole Foods and also wearing practically identical khaki and black wardrobes i beg your pardon is just too mind blowing for words. Walk they arrangement that?

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Obviously their fast trip to buy organic kale crisps and freshjuice to be then recorded on camera by some extremelystealthy fans, before being shared everywhere social mediabecause that"s just what wake up now.

The pair were first romanticallylinked ago in February ~ looking nice cosy in a cornerat the BRIT Awards after ~ party, and also since then it"s been all personal jets to ras Vegasand dance in DJ boothslike an can be fried music power couple.

As glorious together this would certainly be if true, we can"t help but feeling it"s quite bad timing as Taylor"s ideal pal and blatant soul mateEd Sheeran has additionally just announced that he"s single. For this reason CLOSE however SO FAR.

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