We can assist systematically supervise the health and wellness of civilization suspected of gift infected through the COVID-19 coronavirus, if ensuring the they watch quarantine requirements.

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speak to Office permits medical organizations, supervisory agencies, and private experts to use automated telephone calls to monitor the health and wellness of citizens suspected of gift infected through COVID-19, and also to ensure that quarantine needs are observed. The software independently calls the numbers detailed and conducts a talked survey. The answers got are conserved to a database. Us are confident that this software will free specialists native making routine daily calls, enabling them to emphasis on more important tasks during this pandemic. We space offering totally free licenses because that the an easy features of speak to Office transparent the term of the pandemic. Points to know: 1. Call Office is a software regime that is directly installed on an simple computer. No special tools or extr computer hardware is required. 2. The software application works with patient data directly, an interpretation that patience data is never transmitted and also never leaves your organization. Observing legal requirements is the the utmost prestige for medical organizations, since patient info is confidential. The data resource can be an ordinary Excel record or any type of other standard database. 3. Speak to Office supports a broad variety of telephonic systems. You have the right to use the phone call system already used by her organization, or any kind of other that you prefer, as long as SIP protocol is supported. If you room unsure what this is, please call us. 4. We will do all that we have the right to to help everyone with implementing and setup up ours software. Priority for technical assistance will be given to medical organizations. If you require our software program to combat the coronavirus infection, we will certainly be happy to help: Contacts

All the attributes of a call facility in a single product!

All the functions of a call center in a solitary product!

Call Office™ is a computer program that supports mass voice phone call with subsequent playback of a voice message, SMS messaging and creation of interactive voice an answer (IVR) systems. To achieve this, the program deserve to use GSM modems, SIP gateways, SMS services, chat application or constant voice modems.


Automatic bulk voice calling and also ring-up

Call Office can play the function of an automatic voice informer for transferring voice messages. It will automatically dial a phone call number, beat a message and also switch the contact over to an operator, if needed.


SMS and Skype messaging

Thanks to SMS messaging, you can call each of your customers directly at minimal cost. Use mass voice calling and also SMS message in parallel to develop a convenient and reliable channel of communications with your clients.


A clever answering machine

Call Office can work as an answering an equipment to receive, procedure and record incoming messages. Callers can interact with it utilizing DTMF tones or voice commands.

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Work statistics

Call Office will generate a report around the work done because that each contact and save calls come audio files. This functionality will allow you to get an ext information about your customers and also increase sales..