We have actually lyrics because that "C21FX" by these artists:Blood Red Roses A storm is loosed ~ above the seaWhose eye is stained…We have actually lyrics because that these tracks by Christopher P. Bragg:Pride below are the picture that i keepHere"s the empty bed…The text can commonly be uncovered in the comments below, by filtering because that lyric videos or searching the comment in the various videos below.

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Ok around the background come make that story make sense. I m really sorry I created so much I lagged mine phone.But first a word. I spent two hours to create that ~ above a phone therefore I'm sorry around any Grammer mistakes. Second I listened come this track repeat while I composed it and around to hrs before. So for hrs straight. Damn it's a an excellent song.Sailors are a very superstitious lot even to this day. For this reason songs have power to do things. Also in this day and age. Therefore in this song I witnessed the red increased as a proud warship the time had actually passed by provides one critical time to concerned her nations defence. Ns didn't check out her as a ghost ship till the end.As because that why the she. That is a long standing and strongly held belief that ships room female. That's why most ships are offered female names, it is additionally widely thought that ships have actually a soul. Even to this particular day sailers talk around strange noises and also things castle can't describe happening on also on modern steel ships. Plainly she wanted her revenge and her pride.Why the HMS that's a brother thing room you speak this is a brothers ship? was it motivated by a brother ship?The price is no. HMS stands for Her Magisties Ship. And the Kingdom was her father. Nations strangely enough are refured come as mother or father lands I borrowed from that. That was she father.Come on her hull to be bleeding army you taking artistic license here.Again no. Her hull was held to in addition to iron nails. ~ fifteen years of no treatment the nails had started come rust the influence of the cannon balls squeeze the rusty water out. Have you ever seen rusty water it kinda looks like old blood and also in the light of lightening well you deserve to see why the looked prefer why the shop was bleeding.You honestly intend me to think that her hull is messed up but the supplies were intact they should have actually rotted to.And that's were expertise come in. The crate were first treated with oil then the seams were covered with wax before finally being coated in paint. And that is just how the British over there cargo boxes. Which have been recovered from ship wrecks v the within cargo intact. Isn't science fun. Allow me understand if I require to explain anything else


Hi all,We usually choose to let world discuss our music without interference so regarding not dampen criticism or appreciation, however there space a couple questions around this song that have been asked continuously with real interest so ns will try to price them.The singer's surname is Chantalle. We think she is is a wonderful vocalist and also she typically lends she talents to our projects once we require her. We have actually a couple of other songs featuring she that will be coming the end eventually. She is not a singer by profession, but is (we think obviously), pretty well practiced.The track was composed for the cinematic for a RPG video clip game release that acquired killed by the video game publisher. It was indeed about pirates and revenge and also a hero's journey, which us think is just one of the finest kinds that stories. The "Blood Red Rose" is allusion come the nature that the main character in the RPG.The type of the lyrics were constrained through the need for one illustrative explanation the the rigid of the game coinciding through the visuals the the cinematic, in addition to a desire to it is in evocative the a mythical period in history, and also as such us felt that employing cost-free verse rather of a strict contemporary rhyming convention was the most effective choice. The considerable use of specific metaphorical referrals using native that have dropped out of modern vernacular (brigand because that example), allowed us to reinforce the feeling of mythology fairly than history.As a happy accident, we also quite favored the feeling that the lyrics appeared to have been analyzed from one anachronistic kind of Olde English that couldn't quite have actually a straight rhyming indistinguishable in modern English.We produce all ours music in our studio in southern California v both actual and also virtual instruments. Numerous things that have actually real strings and get struggle with genuine sticks usually. We produce music and also design sound impacts for movie studios and game carriers in order to pay our bills, however eventually we could be publication the songs we develop onto itunes as well. It's not as straightforward as that seems, however we room working top top it.Thanks for your interest and your feedback,Modsurgeon

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Here's another captivating piece of musical arts from Ghostwriter (Chris Bragg) and also Merethe Soltvedt - who speak to themselves Angelflare now. This team just keeps killing it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gugu-o8vxow

Rupa Bej Wow, really? friend perceive something scary while i perceive something epic and beautiful. Just astounding.

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When together play this music in a dark room ;l to be alone but l felt someone in there l am so scared


como assim o seven? ele botou essa musica em algum video? ou falou dela em live (eu n assisto ele tem um tempo)