President George shrub Highway, east of U.S. 75(1300 E. President George shrub Highway, Richardson 75082Station is situated southwest of shrub Turnpike and also K Ave.Click right here to watch a detailed map to CityLine/Bush Station. )

Located east of U.S. 75 and south of president George bush Turnpike, the CityLine/Bush terminal is offered by the Rail Red and Orange lines. Note: Parking is situated under chairman George bush Turnpike, north of the station platform.

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Red Line, Orange line

Connecting Bus Routes:

841 (M-F), 843 (M-F), 883-UTD ShuttleM-F (Monday with Friday)

Bus only Assignments (located north of station platform):

Bay 3 — Rail Disruption spaceship StopBay 4 — 883-UTD ShuttleBay 5 — ParatransitBay 6 — 841Bay 7 — 843
* Rail mechanism Map
Station infrastructure Map

Customer Features:

Passenger SheltersWindscreensSeatingCustomer InformationTicket Vending MachinesTelephonesBus "Kiss & Ride" Passenger Drop-Off/Pickup Area2 bicycle RacksPublic Art

Popular Attractions and Destinations:

Cisco FujitsuRockwellState FarmPlease note: You might need to attach to a bus to finish your trip to a destination. Please call Customer information at 214-979-1111 for expedition planning assistance.
A arsenal of publicly ArtUse this overview to plan your tourism of CityLine/Bush Station.
The architecture of CityLine/Bush Station shows both the Richardson/Plano area"s farming history and the station"s proximity come the contemporary turnpike. Station design artist Tom Orr aims to produce a green, park-like an are reflecting the location"s agriculture history, and also at the same time make use of the obelisk shape and also scale of the freeway overpass to hold together the station to the modern-day turnpike. Design elements include 20-foot steel and also wire mesh topiary columns planted with vines lit from within at night. Paving stones kind abstract quilt fads recalling the job of picnics at the nearby creek. Fencing and hedges woven together create an organic, natural look.

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