Abbi Jacobson speaks onstage during Netflix TCA 2018 in ~ The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

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Abbi Jacobson necessary a title because that her new book.

She was talking to Paul W. Downs, who plays Trey top top Broad City, the hit Comedy central show she developed with she co-star Ilana Glazer.

"The publisher was like, we require a title," Abbi says. "And was like, "Well, how do friend feel around the book?""

Jacobson to be still composing it.

"I think this can be the many idiotic point I"ve ever before done," she admitted.

"What about I could Regret This?" Paul asked.

"That"s it," Abbi called him.


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TitleI could Regret ThisSubtitleEssays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities, and Other StuffAuthorAbbi Jacobson

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I could Regret This: Essays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities, and Other stuff is a repertoire of confessional essays, anecdotes and personal drawings from the cross-country road trip Jacobson take it after a destructive breakup.

Healing native a heart pain can already a seemingly Herculean feat, and documenting the entirety thing is other Jacobson said she feel she had to do.

"I knew i was going to write it," she says. "I didn"t understand what the publication was going come be, yet I"m such a workaholic the in order for me to take a vacation, I had to make it a project."

And she felt favor she had actually a relatable-yet-specific point-of-view to offer as a queer mrs who pertained to that realization later in life. Jacobson, 34, first dated a woman when she was 32 — and it to be the finish of that partnership that sparked her journey throughout the country. Still, she wasn"t nervous to talk about it.

"Besides the breakup component of it, the actual coming to terms v that component of who I am was reasonably easy."

Jacobson, who friends knew she date both men and also women, publicly come out last year in an interview with Vanity Fair.

"The interviewer — it to be such a weird series of questions — she to be like, "I don"t understand exactly how you"re single!" She was like, "I mean, you"re, like, such a record — you"re doing all these things. What kind of guy are you into?"" she says.

Jacobson came to a realization: "Oh, nobody knows around me."

But she wasn"t worried.

"I knew when I walk it that was going to be part click-bait point for them," she says. "But ns was likewise so relieved, in a way."

Opening up about her sexual orientation provided Jacobson an chance to talk very publicly about her private life — i beg your pardon is precisely what she go in her book. In one intimate essay, she tells just how she embraced a dog after her breakup only to return the pup a week later on upon realizing she couldn"t take care of the responsibility.

"I"d wanted a dog because that so long, and I"d to be looking," she says. "And ns felt choose that would certainly be the answer, because that me to take care of this thing, to litter my energy and also my love that ns couldn"t discover into this dog. I believed it would just make me no depressed anymore and also happy again, and also I simply realized this is not an excellent for either of us."

The an individual nature of I could Regret This, she says, is different than Broad City, i m sorry will end after its 5th season. But she to add this season, which will delve into Abbi and Ilana"s friendship, is its many vulnerable.

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"There are still so many things that are in the present that are around me, and also I tackle it in a much more humorous means on the present — but I"m yes, really excited about the season. I infuse a most things I"m yes, really proud of."

Coming out may not have made Jacobson nervous. Broad City"s finish may not have actually her shiver in she boots. However she says putting I could Regret This right into the civilization frightened her.

"Writing the publication was among the most terrifying — today, I"ve been terrified that this is the end there — yet I recognize how essential it was for me," she says. "A lot of my life appears to be me forcing myself to carry out things the scare me. It"s the just thing ns have. It"s simply a great tool. If this scares me, ns think those room the things you have to run toward."

This illustration was produced and also edited for broadcast by Brent Baughman, Alexander McCall and also Jordana Hochman. That was adapted for net by Alexander McCall.