Beyoncé’s highly-anticipated Netflix one-of-a-kind Homecoming premiered on Wednesday morning (high five to any kind of East Coasters who stayed up to watch at 3 a.m.). Her Netflix debut chronicled all of the behind-the-scenes activity that went down before she hit the phase at Coachella in 2018—plus adorable clips the her and Jay-Z’s first-born, Blue Ivy, 7, dance away, and also her i can not forget reunion with Destiny’s boy superstars Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

But Beyoncé likewise dived into precisely what she was wearing throughout her memorable performances across two weekends—which significant the very first time a black color woman headlined the festival. She looks were undoubtedly high fashion—but there was definition behind every outfit, together the crests, sweatshirt, and Nefertiti-inspired looks also paid homage come Black culture in America.

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For weekend among Coachella, Beyoncé and stylist Marni Senofonte tapped celebrated fashion designer Olivier Rousteing, the an imaginative director of Balmain, come custom-make 5 looks, every of which honored black color power. She looks for weekend 2 were slightly various than the first, but were designed through the same intention.

In the doc, reveals that she met v Rousteing number of times to create costumes the were together stylish together they were useful for 200 performers on a festival stage—while also including nods to black Greek organizations and the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. She remembers asking: “How execute we look at united and also how carry out we have these different characters that stand out?" adding, "We did points that were an extremely unconventional for a festival show.”

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Here, the full scoop on the definition behind every one of Beyoncé"s Coachella looks.

Beyoncé’s Coachella Nefertiti Outfit


To open the show, Beyoncé struggle the stage in a Balmain outfit that automatically made her look prefer an Egyptian queen. The ago of her cape featured one emblazoned picture of Nefertiti, i beg your pardon she’s referenced prior to in videos favor “Sorry.”


After the initial performance, The Telegraph reported the Beyoncé’s larger-than-life hat is comparable to one researchers uncovered on the bust that Nefertiti in 1912. Beside her top top stage, Beyoncé’s dancers wore catsuits that, follow to abc News, had images that the Sphinx from old Greek lore.


“Jay witnessed the Egyptian goddess cape and when B put it on, his eyes went large and he was so excited, the said, ‘Oh, wow!" That provided me a the majority of satisfaction,” Rousteing called Vogue.

The second Nefertiti Outfit

For weekend two, Beyoncé switched it up, offering the black look a remainder with one all-silver take it on the Nefertiti ensemble.


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Beyoncé’s Coachella Beta Delta Kappa Sweatshirt


Larry BusaccaGetty Images
Other ways Beyoncé honored Black culture in her performance? She play an excerpt native Malcolm X’s 1962 “Who teach You to dislike Yourself” speech, sung “Lift Every Voice and Sing”—considered the Black nationwide anthem in America—and also sampled Nina Simone’s “Lilac Wine.”

But what to be the hoodies through Greek letter all about? They to be a tribute come the divine Nine, the black color Greek letter establishments that were founded in America start with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, incorporated in 1906. Countless of the black fraternities and also sororities were established at Historically black color Colleges and also Universities (HBCUs), including Howard University. By attract Balmain hoodies (in yellow for weekend one, pink because that the second performance) that resemble those worn by members that the black color Greek organizations, Beyoncé stood for a large segment of American culture not traditionally seen in renowned media.

She likewise celebrated marching bands in ~ HBCUs by rental DrumLine Live, a team that frequently performs at black color schools. She wore both looks with custom Christian Louboutin boots.

Beyoncé’s BAK Sweatshirt Crest

ABC News reported the Beyoncé was, as soon as again, honoring Greek life by using letters reflective the a fictitious Beta Delta Kappa sorority on her sweatshirts. Beyhive members and also fans on the net theorized the the B and K was standing for her initials—Beyoncé Knowles—while the center delta price is a nod come “The Roc” symbol the represents she husband Jay-Z"s Roc nation entertainment company.

Beyoncé’s Coachella Crest

Similar come the rest of the look at in this story, Beyoncé’s comb on a black Balmain crop top featured an image of one Egyptian queen or royal, a black color panther (a nod come the black color Panther party), a black color fist (representing black power), and also a bee, a method of celebrating she fans, that are known as the “Beyhive.” It additionally had “Beyoncé” written across the bottom.

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She changed into a pink pullover dress with the exact same boots for weekend 2 of Coachella.

Black Latex Bodysuit and Jacket

Okay, not all of Beyoncé’s looks had deep, hidden messages behind them. Yet they all did watch exceptional. Later in the show, Bey switched right into a black latex Balmain look, complete with thigh-high boots.

For the 2nd weekend, she wore a comparable version the was slightly different around the bust and stomach.

Beyoncé’s One-Shoulder Destiny’s son Look

This outfit make waves because that one major reason: the wardrobe malfunction. During the show— and also seconds ~ she surprised fans by welcoming her previous Destiny’s child bandmates top top stage—the camouflage Balmain look fell off top top the shoulder and also just listed below the knee. But because this is Beyoncé we’re talking about, she shrugged that off favor a pro.

The Other Destiny’s boy Outfit

For weekend two, Beyoncé switched that up and prevented any kind of malfunctions by wearing a sparkly bodysuit through fishnets and also a wraparound, belted design.

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