Virtual Currency is the lifeblood the the NBA 2K structure. Obtaining and also managing it is just one of the many — if not the most — crucial acts in the game. If you"re wondering exactly how to knife VC in NBA 2K17 we"ve gained a couple of suggestions for you.

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You have the right to obviously purchase VC with actual currency. That"s the quickest method to ridge cyber cash, yet many gamers might not be ready and/or able to walk this route. 

Because VC is so coveted, plenty of gamers have actually devised means to cheat the device to knife VC without putting in the requisite occupational to earn it in the way it to be intended. When this is tempting, it deserve to lead to her gamer profile being banned native the NBA 2K servers.

Don"t risk every one of the work and time you put in building your MyPlayer or MyTeam trying to find exploits. Below are five legal methods to earn VC.

How to earn VC in NBA 2K17: beat MyLeague and MyGM

In numerous ways, MyLeague and other franchise modes have come to be the forgotten attributes in sports video clip games. That"s a shame because those modes still offer some that the most profitable experiences.

In NBA 2K17, the MyLeague and MyGM modes additionally offer some of the biggest VC payouts. Perfect a MyLeague game with 6-minute quarters have the right to earn friend 500+ VC. Over the course of a 29-game season, that"s at least 14,500 VC.

How to earn VC in NBA 2K17: pat MyCareer on hall of Fame

MyCareer gamings are a an excellent source for VC. They end up being even more rewarding if friend play on room of reputation difficulty.

If girlfriend play much more minutes and perform well, your in-game contract deserve to be a excess for VC. Some gamers space reporting day-to-day VC salaries of as lot 1,500 per game.

How to knife VC in NBA 2K17: sell useless duplicate cards in MyTeam

In MyTeam, you"re walking to obtain your re-publishing of useless cards. Be sure to offer those as shortly as possible, or designate a work of the week as soon as you perform a "useless-card" dump. 

Also, you"ll sometimes gain multiple execution of an excellent cards. Be certain to auction those off to get greater returns. Girlfriend won"t see huge returns immediately, however it all adds up end time.

How to knife VC in NBA 2K17: use the MyNBA2K App

The MyNBA2K app is the easiest method to knife VC. Friend literally gain VC added to your account just by logging right into the application on a daily basis.

Your everyday reward is 500 VC, i beg your pardon isn"t a ton, but if friend take two minutes to log in in each day, that"s around 15,000 VC a month for an hour of her time.

How to earn VC in NBA 2K17: clock 2KTV

Another easy means to earn VC is to watch 2KTV. It plays prior to every game you load up and there space questions and also polls included. Those concerns reward varying amounts of VC. The broadcasts room usually pretty short, and you only have to watch every of them once to be eligible because that a reward.

If you"re not going come spend actual money ~ above VC, don"t cheat. The previously mentioned methods are far better for you and also the NBA 2K17 community.

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