Even though sound is perpetual, us all want to ride on our Harley Touring for as long as we can without being disturbed through noise or toxic fumes native the exhaust.

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But this is not constantly the case, specifically with many old exhaust systems.

Luckily, thanks to recent developments in technology, nowadays, we have actually cleaner exhaust solution with mufflers that develop the kind of sound we desire to hear.

But beyond sound, a good exhaust have the right to also help to boost your engine performance and also speed.

To relax you the the load of sorting v so countless products, we have actually compiled a perform of the best sounding Harley Touring exhaust equipment in the market. We noted our findings based on customer testimonies, ratings, and also testing.

snapshot Harley Touring ExhaustEditor RatingDetails
SHARKROAD 4″ Chrome Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust5 StarCheck Price
SHARKROAD 1718BB Megaphone 4″ Slip-on Mufflers 5 StarCheck Price
DRACULEXTREME Chrome 36″ standard Fishtail slip On4.9 StarCheck Price
Bagger brother BB-EX1001 4” Diameter and 31” long Slip-On 5 StarCheck Price
ACCESSORIESHD Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust Pipes4.8 StarCheck Price
Cobra ar Haters Slip-on Mufflers5 StarCheck Price
Cobra neighborhood Haters Chrome 4.5″ Mufflers 5 StarCheck Price
XMT-MOTO 4″ Megaphone Slip-On Mufflers 5 StarCheck Price


Best sound Harley Touring Exhaust ReviewsFeatures to Consider before Buying

Best sound Harley Touring Exhaust Reviews

Below is a evaluation of the finest exhaust solution for Harley touring motorcycles.

1. SHARKROAD 4″ Chrome Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust

We all agree that finding the finest sounding exhausts deserve to be a challenging task given the huge variety of options the end there.

While some models stand out because of their aesthetics, others stand out due to the fact that of their performance. There room still couple of that are popular due to the fact that of their price tags.

However, there space still few units that offer the finest of all human beings – yes sir no doubt the SHARKROAD Chrome Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust is one of them.

This model is among the best exhaust systems from SHARKROAD especially designed because that Harley Touring 1995-2016 models. The unit is your best bet if you’re searching for an exhaust system that doesn’t just look good but also sounds great.

It is equipped through removable baffles that don’t only increase power but additionally maximizes torque.

This is just one of the major highlights that the exhaust – other you will rarely discover in that is competitors.

The inlets are additionally designed to stop overheating. You will also be impression by the chrome finish, i m sorry adds come the in its entirety appeal of your bike.

Installation is pretty straightforward and straightforward, so friend don’t have to worry about hiring a professional. All the hardware you need to set it up with your present clamps is included – bolts, nuts, and also washers.

advantages Superb sound Elegant design an excellent value for her money straightforward installation cons might rust sooner

2. SHARKROAD 1718BB Megaphone 4″ Slip-on Mufflers Exhaust

Another SHARKROAD unit the is extensively lauded for great sound and pricing is the Megaphone 4” Slip-on Mufflers Exhaust. This unit is your best bet if you need something designed for more recent Harley Touring bikes, such together the Glide series.

As expected, that looks and sounds more aggressive 보다 stock pipes – many thanks to the 4” megaphone design. This is complemented by a removable baffle, which also increases sound and performance.

Like the Chrome styled model, the 1718BB additionally improves torque and power. The exhaust is specifically targeted in ~ Harley touring models indigenous 2017 up. These incorporate bikes prefer the Street Glide, the road King, the Electra Glide, and also many similar models.

In addition, the muffler is easy to download – no complex instructions. If you wish, you deserve to remove the baffle to obtain a larger sound.

Overall, us think this SHARKROAD exhaust is just one of the finest out over there in regards to performance and also value. You can not expect less from a agency like SHARKROAD. Because that its price, you could not find a far better alternative.

pros magnified performance wild sound quite look great pricing cons no the best fit for 2017-2018 street glide

3. DRACULEXTREME Chrome 36″ standard Fishtail on slide On Mufflers Exhaust

Of course, price is a an excellent requirement; similar to aesthetics. Yet we all agree that nothing to win efficiency. If you’re in search of fishtails that look and sound amazing, then you will not walk wrong v this beautiful unit indigenous DRACULEXTREME.

Designed because that 1995-2016 Harley touring models, this chrome styled standard exhaust mechanism is arguably the finest fishtail you will find for the money.

It it is provided a great sound that very couple of models have the right to imitate. The muffler has actually been tested to insurance its durability, safety, and efficiency. It right now tops the list of DRACULEXTREME mufflers with the finest performance.

The exhaust has actually a diameter that 1-7/8-inches and also an inlet dimension of 1.75-inches. That is marketed in pairs and also comes consisted of with all the hardware you require for installation.

Installation is simple and doesn’t take much time as the instructions are rather intuitive. You might need to modify the heat shield, depending upon your bike.

Overall, we have actually no doubt the DRACULAXTREME Fishtail will deliver as promised. You will definitely get great value for your money.

If you’ve never thought in DRACULAXTREME before, this is the moment to clear her doubts.

pros Elegant chrome end up Excellent popping sound quite look straightforward to download Cons might sound as well loud for some civilization


The following unit top top our perform is the DNA 4” Chrome Styled Slip-On Mufflers indigenous Mototeks. Mototeks DNA is best known for its nice looks and easy set-up. Yet that doesn’t typical they nothing sound well. In fact, they produce a great sound v a deep rumble come the tone.

They are the finest fit for Harley models indigenous 1995-2016. So, if you’re utilizing something like the Ultra classic or a comparable Harley bike, then you will not walk wrong v this unit.

Like countless high-grade exhausts, the DNA 4” functions removable baffles, which can be provided to improve its performance. They room loud, yet not also loud come sound obnoxious.

They have actually a 4” inlet and also are made with high-quality steel material with a chrome finish that renders them resilient and an excellent looking.

Many customers have reported making use of the exhaust much longer than many comparable brands. So, you deserve to rest assured you will certainly get an excellent value for her money.

Overall, the DNA 4” is a nice looking exhaust system that is straightforward to install. The sells in ~ a decent price and also gives a new look to your bike.

pros Comes through removable baffles easy to download Nice looking trusted performance defect Some human being may discover it as well loud

5. Bagger brothers BB-EX1001 4” Diameter and also 31” long Slip-On Muffler

Another wonderful exhaust mechanism with an incredible sound file is the unit native Bagger Brothers. This Slip-On muffler is especially designed for Harley touring models indigenous 1996-2016. So, if her Harley drops in this category, then you should take into consideration the pair.

Like every the devices we’ve reviewed so far, the Bagger brothers BB-EX1001 is fairly loud however still neighbor-friendly.

It’s especially targeted in ~ riders that favor pipes through a nice deep throaty sound the gets people’s fist without gift annoying or obnoxious. The exhaust features CNC-machined finish caps, which confers a prouder look to the chromed bodies.

There’s no need to upgrade come a brand-new carburetor or adjust the specifications on your ECM. As lengthy as you’re utilizing the ideal Harley model, everything should right in nicely.

The mufflers are quite easy come install. A mounting clip is provided for this purpose. They also tend come last much longer than most constant stock pipes. Their pricing is reasonable compared to what they bring to the table.

Overall, this is a nice update for any Harley driver who desires to obtain a better sound and performance than what their stock pipes are offering.

advantages Reasonable pricing Elegant design Easy installation flaw Rust may appear sooner

6. ACCESSORIESHD Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust tube

If she looking to replace your Harley stock pipes with an reliable unit that will provide you a distinctive sound, climate the ACCESSORIESHD Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust will make a good choice.

Available at an affordable price, this unit is particularly targeted at Harley touring models native 1995-2016. These encompass popular alternatives like the Ultra Classic, Street Glide, road King, and also a bunch that others.

The exhaust doesn’t just sound good but also looks pretty on your bike. You will certainly definitely achieve a more stylish look with this than your stock pipes.

Its mufflers come in both chrome and megaphone finish. So, friend can choose the one that appeals most to you. If both alternatives are great, the megaphone style tends to develop a more aggressive sound.

Like most exhausts in the very same category, this pipes have a 4” outlet and also feature removable baffles, i m sorry you can use to regulate how according to they sound.

They are definitely louder 보다 your stock pipes but not also loud to attract too lot attention. Furthermore, castle are easily accessible at a decent price yet may no last as lengthy as the pricier exhausts on the list.

pros Sounds good Great worth for her money Solid building and construction Super nice finish Cons also loud

7. Cobra neighborhood Haters Slip-on Mufflers

If you’re searching for something much louder than typical exhaust systems, then you will certainly not walk wrong v the Cobra neighbor Haters. This slip-on muffler is particularly designed because that riders who wish for an exhaust system that is tough to walk unnoticed due to the fact that of the sound it produces.

So if you nothing mind sounding obnoxious come the neighbors, climate you will definitely enjoy this unit. It is definitely not something for the faint-hearted.

One that the an initial things you will notice about the tube is your megaphone layout design, which consists of a rolled finish shape. Except the aesthetics, that is additionally responsible for the increased sound output they produce.

Another feature that contributes come the enhanced sound is the trumpet-bell shame spiraled louvered core exits, which make it possible for a complete song keep in mind to be derived from the v-twin sound. The unit likewise rates decently in regards to performance gains and also durability.

Overall, us think this is a nice unit. It could not be the most effective slip-on mufflers on the block, yet it’s absolutely one that provides value because that its price.

advantages boosted sound far better mileage basic to download Sounds an excellent flaw us couldn’t identify any

8. Cobra neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5″ Mufflers Exhaust

For Harley touring models that were released from 2017-2018, the Cobra neighborhood Haters Chrome Styled Slip-On Muffler Exhaust is a good choice.

It is similar to the 6107 FLH except for its reduced sound profile and also chrome layout finish. Also, the 6107 FLH is designed for Harley models the come prior to 2016, when the Chrome neighbor Haters is a much more recent unit.

As previously indicated, this unit doesn’t sound together loud together the megaphone model, however it’s still loud enough to sound nice. It has a deep rumble that sounds much much better than share pipes and also a architecture that looks just nice.

Just like the previous model, it has actually a trumpet-bell shaped core exits. But instead that a spiraled louvered design, the is perforated. And also the v-twin still flows at complete song but not v the same level the intensity together the 6107 FLH.

While this may not it is in the most efficient exhaust the end there, the still produces an excellent results. You will an alert an rise in your HP and also torque.

advantages good price High-quality chrome finish good sound flaw Durability pertains to

9. XMT-MOTO 4″ Megaphone Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust

Last but definitely no the the very least on our list of the top quality sounding Harley touring exhaust is the XMT-MOTO 4” Megaphone Slip-On Mufflers. That is the perfect pick if you’re looking for an exhaust the operates quietly.

One of the an initial things girlfriend will notification about this unit is its elegant design. The is there is no a doubt, one of the most beautiful exhausts in the market right now.

This exhaust is constructed with high-grade cold-rolled steel, which makes it highly sturdy and durable.

What renders this design stand out from various other exhausts the end there is its distinct operation. This is perhaps among the major reasons it has endeared cycle enthusiasts.

It comes through 100% brand new aftermarket parts and a pair that exhaust pipes. The unit is particularly designed because that Harley Touring models indigenous 1995 to 2016.

Many users have expressed their happiness with the company’s client service, which is clearly something come take keep in mind of. These days, there aren’t many brands that carry out reliable support after purchasing your product.

Overall, we have the right to attest to the quality and also performance that this unit. It might not it is in the most innovative exhaust in the market, however it’s absolutely one that can produce the sort of results you space looking for.

pros Quiet operation Brand brand-new parts Highly sturdy Excellent customer support easy to install Cons A small too according to

Features come Consider prior to Buying

Below space the vital things to look the end for prior to making your last decision ~ above a touring exhaust.

Sound Intensity

You want to get a perpetual sound from your exhaust, i m sorry is the significant reason she going because that a new exhaust. So, it’s crucial you know the sound file of a model before making your final decision.

Some exhausts room designed to operation quietly, while some are developed to offer you a loud and distinctive sound.

Depending on the sound intensity of the unit, it may sound loud however still tolerable, or it may sound also loud and obnoxious.


In enhancement to sound, you likewise want to take into consideration how the exhaust looks. You want to obtain a unit that will look pretty on her bike.

Most of the time, this will depend on the type of complete used top top the exhaust. Megaphone and chrome finish are common.

The shape of the mufflers can also influence its overall appearance.


It’s alright to need a pipe the looks and sounds great; after all, that’s the whole suggest for this review.

But also at that, it’s likewise important to think about the efficiency of the unit, specifically if you desire something that will certainly last you because that a long time.

The effectiveness of a unit mainly determines how much maintenance it will require, and this influences your overall experience.

In picking the ideal sounding Harley touring exhaust, us paid much more attention to units that execute not only provide satisfactory performance but additionally promise to critical longer.


Price is always an important requirement once purchasing any kind of item, particularly when you need to invest a an excellent sum.

If you’re already on a budget, climate it may aid to rod to products with prices within your budget. This will reduce your choices and make the an option a many easier.

However, if it’s good to have actually a budget, don’t sacrifice price for quality, so girlfriend don’t finish up spending much more money.


Finally, you desire to take into consideration the brand of the exhaust system. The market for motorcycle parts continues to boom, v so many brand-new brands and also products being released every day.

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Almost every brand cases to be the best, which renders it pretty challenging to identify the ones that room truly “legit.”

It’s always safer to walk with much more established brands with good reputations.

Final Words

Whether she looking to enhance the power of your stock Harley or gain a much better sound, purchase an exhaust will significantly help.

Hopefully, friend can select a compatible version for her bike native our perform of the ideal sounding Harley Touring Exhaust.

We’ve covered everything thing you should make an educated decision. If you have actually any more questions, please don’t hesitate to let united state know.