A broken toe can take as long as 6 weeks come heal. For this reason most world will need to do at least some walking during the process. If you space not attract the finest shoes because that a broken toe, healing can take significantly longer.

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Sifting with the available options to find the finest shoe to suit your needs can be an exhaustive process. Fortunately, we’ve done every one of the research so that you don’t have actually to.

We believe the Birkenstock Unisex Milano Sandalare the finest shoes because that a broken toe, for factors we’ll define below. However, we also suggest alternatives, in situation budget, dress codes or other circumstances indicate different alternatives might be an ext appropriate for your individual situation.

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What is the ideal Shoe because that a damaged Toe?

The ideal shoes for broken toes administer protection via a close up door toe, rigidity in a tough sole and also are normally sturdy. Toes should be kept straight v room come accommodate toe and foot swelling.

Keep toes straight – Your first instinct may be come wear soft shoes, in order to make your toe an ext comfortable, but what you really require is the specific opposite: extremely stiff shoes v a curved sole. A stubborn shoe will certainly stabilize the fracture, while the curved single will cause your foot come roll when you walk, instead of bending your toes. A shoe which keeps press off her toes and the sphere of your foot will permit the fracture to heal.Swelling – one open-toed sandal will also permit a small of extra room in instance the damaged toe is swollen.Protection – If your toe isn’t also swollen come wear a close up door toe shoe, you need to make certain that the upper front is also an extremely stiff and solid, to protect the toe while the is healing.Function – will you have to wear shoes the are suitable for the workplace, or is protecting the damaged toe your just consideration?

Sandals for broken Toes

Broken toe are often swollen, at least at first. And the last point you want to execute is try to ingredient it right into a closed toe shoe that will squeeze the painfully. If you are not restricted by any type of consideration various other than being permitted to go while her toe is healing, then there is no reason why you should wear anything various other than open-toed sandals till the swelling goes down.

In that case, Birkenstock Unisex Milano Sandalsare the best feasible choice. Castle offer all of the features crucial to help healing, and also more, and providing a small extra room for your toes to stay comfortable till the swelling goes down.

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Unlike most layouts of Birkenstock sandals, the Milano has a strap in the back of the heel. This is of the utmost importance, due to the fact that styles without that backstrap call for you come scrunch her toes down when you to walk in order to store the shoes on your foot, and the one thing you absolutely need to do once one of your toes is damaged is bending them as small as possible.

The rigid, bent soles of these Birkenstocks facilitate the rojo gait that requires considerably less movement of broken toes, which will assist the break to heal. What makes this shoes truly outstanding, however, is the addition of a deep heel cup the offers better stability and also a raised toe bar that provides extra assistance for her toes.

As though every one of that were not enough, this layout offers even an ext helpful features. Not just will the open toes carry out comfortable extra room for your toes until the swelling goes down, all three of the straps are adjustable for a more perfect to the right all approximately your foot. There is a lightly molded insole, as well, which adjusts to her foot and acts together a shock absorber – which walk a long method to staying clear of foot fatigue.

All of this features an unified make Birkenstock Unisex Milano Sandal the best shoes for a damaged toe, particularly if over there is swelling. This style is available for both men and also women, in black and brown Amalfi leather.

The Milano sandals are superbly well-made and an extremely attractive. However, some world may find them a bit on the pricey side. If so, over there are less expensive choices that sell the most crucial features in models because that both men and women, without all of the extras in the Birkenstock.

Fila Men’s shift Athletic Sandal

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The elevated toe, flexible back strap and stiff sole will all assist to store your toes native bending. These room the features most crucial for permitting a broken toe to cure while you room still wade around. Additionally, the midsole has actually cushioning the will provide at the very least some measure up of shock absorption.

Fila is a well-respected quality brand, so the top quality level of these sandals is still much more than satisfactory at significantly lower price than the Birkenstocks. They are accessible in black or espresso.

Clarks Women’s Arla Jacory Wedge Sandal

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An attractive sandal with a rigid sole and raised toe, the Clark’s Arla Jacory Wedge Sandal will execute a good job of keeping your toes from bending also much. While only the earlier strap is adjustable, the two height straps space made native a cloth that is stretchy enough to comfortably adjust to your foot size.

These sandals are available in several different colors, in a smart layout that is versatile enough to wear ~ above a variety of occasions. Clarks, that course, is well-known for quality shoes. Yet plenty of size/color combine of this format are far listed below the price of the Birkenstock Milano, while giving the functions most essential to enable your broken toe come heal.

Closed-Toe shoes for damaged Toes

The weather, work dress codes or any variety of other factors can make it difficult for you come wear sandals when trying to recuperate from a broken toe. And if the toe no swollen, climate there is much less necessity for an open-toed shoe. In fact, you could prefer the protection that a closed-toe shoe will certainly offer. For the most versatile use, we think many world will uncover that Dansko’s agree XP styles for men and also women will be the ideal shoes because that a damaged toe the isn’t swollen.

Dansko Men’s pro Xp

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The elevated toe and also thick, solid sole will store your toes from moving too much. In fact, this model is sustained by a metal shank. Plus, the stiff top will no only administer protection come the broken toe, but additionally a spacious lot of room above. That method you i will not ~ have any pressure at every on her toes indigenous the shoe’s upper.

This layout offers added comfort features, as well. There is a cushioned insole and also padding about the collar the the shoe. The simple, sleek style should be perfect acceptable in the workplace or also dressier occasions, if necessary.

Dansko Women’s LT pro Clogs


There are a chuck 14 colors and patterns accessible to pick from in Dansko Women’s LT agree CLogs. So girlfriend should have no difficulty whatsoever finding something come suit your tastes that will work in a range of environments.

There is not just a strictly sole and raised toe but a really spacious toes box. The result is the there have to be minimal toe movement and no push on them from above, both of which will certainly facilitate the healing process.

While we think that the Dansko pro XP models for men and women are the ideal shoes because that a damaged toe that isn’t swollen, or because that anyone who needs a closed-toe shoes for whatever reason, there are other Dansko layouts that will provide close to the same benefits at a more affordable cost.

Dansko Men’s skilled Box leather Clog

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The only real difference between this version from Dansko and the Men’s pro XP is that the toe crate is slightly shorter. You will certainly not have actually quite as lot room to maneuver, but you have to still not have any pressure indigenous the shoe’s top on your toes.

There is still the absolutely vital rocker bottom v an upward curving toe and also stiffly strict sole. Extr comfort attributes are also included, such together arch support, shock absorption, and a padded collar about the shoe.

With a dozen formats to pick from in the animal leather upper, it do not do it be complicated to discover one the meets your requirements. There is no inquiry that this Dansko format has a lot come offer, without springing because that the ultimate pro XP version.

Dansko Women’s skilled Clog


Various colors and patterns are obtainable in this Dansko layout for women, and some size/style combinations are substantially lower 보다 the women’s agree XP version, there is no sacrificing a totality lot on features. The reinforced toes box allows for some wiggle room, when still giving a certain fit. There is also a small bit of shock absorption provided by the midsole.

The 100% leather shoe has actually a padded instep collar to administer a comfortable fit when walking. Every in all, the Camellia might be a satisfactory choice for a closed-toe shoe while waiting for a damaged toe come heal.


The 2 most important features you must look because that in pair of shoes to wear when a broken toe is healing space a strictly sole and a toe crate that curve upward, because that a rojo gait. Both of these will significantly decrease the activity of her toes, which will aid to cure the fracture. Also the spending plan alternatives detailed here carry out those features.

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However, the models we’ve liked as the absolute ideal shoes for a broken toe offer additional features which result in a really noticeable boost in both comfort and effectiveness. We very recommend castle for her consideration.