When Chet and Bret room preparing for their 6th grade dance, Cyd and Shelby decide to go back in time to their 6th grade dance. Hilarity ensues.

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So apparently the 6th grade dance was a humiliating one because that Barry and also Naldo. Barry finished up stuck in the janitor’s closet, earning him the nickname Barry Cry-senberg. Meanwhile, Naldo’s trousers split, earning him the nickname, Barry Cry-senberg’s girlfriend Whose trousers Ripped. Shelby though is in despair that she and Cyd never obtained to carry out their big dance due to the fact that of a power outage. So Cyd and also Shelby decide to go earlier in time come rectify the instance for Barry and Naldo – and additionally to perform their dance. The difficulty is staying away from Bianca (who b-blasts civilization she doesn’t like).

As luck would have it – and quite frankly it to be no surprised – Cyd’s trousers split and also Shelby end up trapped in the janitor’s closet. Nobody at the dance is to dance – except for primary Dilmore. Cyd soon realizes that major Dilmore doesn’t care what people think the him, he’s just out on the dance floor having actually fun. Here’s ours lesson for the episode.

Meanwhile, Chet and also Bret decide not to attend the dance. Mr. Marcus, whose taking his mam out to dinner for their anniversary, warns the duo no to open the door for anyone. However, when their friend Neil mirrors up, they let him in (or as Bret – or Chet – says, “I panicked.”) The visit turns into a mini people war between the twins. The scene where Neil saves almost every falling object is hoot. Mr. Marcus shows up at the end, and is walk to punish Bret and Chet, once he realizes that left his wife at the restaurant.

There’s some great morality plays going on here, but some little pet peeves.

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Princess Daisy go not show up in the episode.At the dance, Naldo is Ricky Garcia (Cyd says she remembers he was tall for his age) but Barry is mini-version Barry.Cyd and Shelby leaving the garage and also go back to the dance; when they return, its clean its a couple of minute later (Barry and Naldo space in the exact same seats). Yet Bret and also Chet come in and also say they room going to the dance anyway. Therefore in what timeline did the anniversary and also fun time with Neil take place?

I choose the show, but I wonder how many times they can go to the “fixing miscellaneous that taken place in the past” well.