"I"ll be living in it and making it into our tiny home till Ben join me ~ the wedding," Jessica Clarke said



The former Bachelor star and also his bride-to-be have purchased their an initial home with each other in Denver, Colorado.

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Higgins, 31, announced the exciting news ~ above Instagram, sharing a picture of the pair sitting top top the floor that their new house alongside a crate of pizza and also a party of wine.

"Jess and also I now own a residence together (staying in Denver)! us don’t own any kind of furniture however we are hoping Mr. Claus and also Mrs. Claus send part our way this Christmas!" he wrote last week. "Until then, our and probably next many dinners in the brand-new house will be top top the floor, simply the means it should be!"

Higgins additionally clarified that he will be moving into their home after the wedding as the couple has chose to wait until marital relationship to have sex.

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"Also, prior to you start blowing up the comments this will certainly be Jess private VIP party pad till the wedding, then I relocate in come crash the place!" claimed Higgins. "Let the funny begin!"

Clarke additionally gave a sneak peek inside their brand-new place, share a snap of herself and also Higgins cuddled increase by the fireplace.

"Last main I began the moving procedure to Colorado and Into our very first HOME! The house is empty, yet it’s ours!" she composed on Instagram. "I’ll be living in it and also making it right into our small home until Ben join me ~ the wedding. Ns can’t wait to share every one of the little projects."



In March, Clarke revealed that she and Higgins were engaged. “I don’t remember every little thing you said, yet I recognize that I stated yes. Ns woke increase in a dream today and also I obtain to live in this dream every job from currently on (eeeep),” she announced ~ above Instagram, along with photos the the moment her fiancé proposed.

Higgins spoke through Entertainment Tonight about proposing come Clarke in Franklin, Tennessee, in front of their families and loved ones.

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“I to be super nervous. She’s my finest friend, mine partner and I love her. Ns was nervous to sort of carry out this entirety thing in prior of her. I wasn’t anxious, it’s just a large moment!” that told the outlet, i beg your pardon reported the he was initially planning to suggest in brand-new York’s main Park but the coronavirus pandemic halted his plan.

Earlier this year, he opened up up about their relationship on Nick Viall's podcast, The Viall Files, revealing the two are sleeping in separate beds as they quarantine with her family members in Tennessee, and are staying sexually abstinent till they tie the knot.

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"It's prefer a respect level," Higgins stated of their separate bedrooms. "And additionally just like just how — what the logistics of the is."

In solemn event of Thanksgiving this year, Higgins claimed that Clarke is at the optimal of the list of the things he's most grateful because that in life.

"My mom always had mine dad and also I compose down the things we were thankful because that at Thanksgiving," he created in November. "The list tradition continues still in my mind till this day and also over the last couple of years
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