Aubrey O\"Day and also Travis Garland space making headlines for your outrageous struggle on Friday night\"s episode of Marriage boot Camp: truth Stars. A current sneak peek of this week\"s episode has currently been released earlier this week. The clip mirrors Aubrey O\"Day and also her boyfriend Travis Garland calling the end each other\"s biggest flaws.

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It all began when marriage counselor Jim Carroll asks O\"Day to choose one of the sticker labels that reasons her the many pain. The former Danity Kane singer proceeded to tell Garland how she really feels. O\"Day blows up in ~ Garland end what he says around her constructive criticism.\"You don\"t respect my opinions and also actions. Anything that I carry out that\"s no to her liking is a put-down. It\"s disrespecting you. It just makes me feel prefer you\"re not the one.\"Travis and Aubrey are also seen fighting over another woman in the new episode. It\"s not a woman that\"s lusting end Travis. It turns out that the other woman is Aubrey\"s personal assistant. The pair discuss Aubrey\"s close partnership with she employee, i m sorry Travis claims is a bit inappropriate and intimate at times.

Aubrey yelled, \"She is the closest thing I have to a mother!\"

Travis responded, \"So law her prefer a mother, not someone who\"s in love v you!\"

The conversation really acquired heated as soon as Garland asserted that the assistant to be staring in ~ O\"Day\"s private parts. What provides it even much more awkward is the Tami Roman and also her boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood, are watching the whole fight walk down.

On last week\"s episode of Marriage boot Camp, Aubrey intimidated Travis the she was willing come sleep v someone else. The couple also revealed that they have actually both trust and commitment worries with one another. Ya think?

Travis called Aubrey, \"I\"m not prepared to get married due to the fact that you don\"t respect me. It provides it impossible for me to trust you completely, and also I would prefer for you to be less selfish, too.\"

Aubrey fights back, \"He\"s jealous and he creates conflict, hour ~ hour.\"

Travis interrupts his girlfriend, saying, \"It\"s no attractive when a woman tells you she\"s gonna f**k who else.\"

Aubrey didn\"t desire her boyfriend to have the last word. She said, \"If you\"re gonna accuse me, main after week, of hooking up with this details person who I was in business with, then I\"m simply gonna f**k him.\"

It sounds favor Aubrey O\"Day loves come mix business with pleasure. No only has Travis Garland accused her of hooking up through an associate, yet they\"re likewise involved in a love triangle with her an individual assistant.

O\"Day has openly revealed that she\"s bisexual. Rumors swirled about the singer\"s sexuality once she posed because that Playboy magazine. O\"Day climate spoke to MTV News about the rumors neighboring her sexuality.\"I think it\"s funny the so many civilization care. Ns mean, fifty percent the time, ns don\"t even know who I\"m gonna love or what I\"m gonna feeling comfortable exposing myself to.\"Aubrey has actually been previously attached to Lydia Hearst. The pair sparked rumors in 2008 as soon as they were viewed kissing exterior of a NYC nightclub. According to Lydia, your kiss to be a promotion stunt for a garments line v Bebe and also Tara Subkoff. The doesn\"t median Aubrey wasn\"t into her though.

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The singer has previously expressed her feelings for an additional woman in Curve magazine. She likewise told Chelsea Handler the she has actually a to like on actress Portia de Rossi.\" is so hot. Every time I view her I desire to walk over and also talk to her, however it\"s choose she\"s going to be favor \"You\"re that girl the tries to say you\"re gay everywhere\" and I\"m favor \"No, ns promise. Obtain to recognize me. We\"d it is in perfect together.\"\"

Just because she\"s bisexual go not mean she\"s not faithful to her boyfriend. What are your think on Aubrey O\"Day and Travis Garland\"s relationship? execute you think the troubled couple will make their connection work, despite their love triangle? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.