At&t finally damaged the silence and started to update the Galaxy keep in mind N910A to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Follow me side the Galaxy keep in mind 4, the Galaxy note Edge likewise received the update. In ~ this time, if manufacturers are preparing to update their flagship gadgets to Android 7.0 Nougat, the 2014 flagships are acquiring updated come Marshmallow firmware i beg your pardon gives hints towards a an extremely late Android Nougat update for these tools (only if they room going to get it).

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Marshmallow firmware brings a the majority of goodies with some brand-new graphics included to the device, enhanced battery life and much better performance, brand-new toggles and so countless features that you haven’t had actually before. It’s always a great idea to it is in on the recent firmware together it secures your device keeping it pest free. The new firmware because that the keep in mind 4 N910A has already started floating roughly on the web and is now obtainable for download. Upgrade from Android Lollipop to Android Marshmallow is quite an easy procedure and us are here to overview you ~ above that.

The succeeding guide illustrates How to upgrade At&t keep in mind 4 N910A from Android 5.1. Lollipop to share Android Marshmallow. The guide only works for note 4, do not shot this on the note Edge or any other an equipment as it will simply an outcome in bricking your device. The firmware linked here is untouched and also in completely stock state. N910A users can flash that without any kind of hiccups here and also there. Let’s walk ahead and start updating your At&t note 4 N910A to official Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow now.

How to update At&t note 4 N910A to share Android Marshmallow

Make sure that your machine is to run on among the develop numbers provided below, and download the firmware according to the last 4 digits of her phone’s build number. Inspect the construct number under Settings > About machine > develop number.

*DOIx should be her running firmware and EPH5 is the brand-new Marshmallow firmware.

In situation you are on DO12, you must flash these files one by one to reach DO16 in ~ the least and then flash DO16 to EPH5. The instructions listed below will stay same for all files.

Copy the download record to her phone’s sd card.Now boot your phone right into recovery mode. To do so, turn it off completely first. Now turn that on by pressing and also holding Volume + home + power buttons.Once your phone is in restore mode, select “apply upgrade from sd card” utilizing volume rockers.Now select the file that girlfriend downloaded and in the next step pick “yes”.It will begin flashing the freshly downloaded firmware. As soon as flashing ends, reboot her device.As your device boots up, you will uncover the Android Marshmallow EPH5 firmware to run on it. That’s all.

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You might checkout the ADB Sideload accuse if you want to sideload this update fairly then flashing that via recovery.