ft to a snow-making an equipment at an key of 4620 ft at a rate of 0.26 ft3/s. If the is crucial to keep a push of 182 psi at the snow-making machine, determine the horsepower added to the water through the pump. Neglect minor losses.

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P = 24.38 hp


Givjonathanlewisforcongress.com data:

diameter of steel pipe = 3 inc

ljonathanlewisforcongress.comgth of pipeline = 2001 ft

elevation of pond = 4286 ft

elevation of snow making maker = 4620 ft

Rate the water = 0.26 ft^3/s

applying bernouli equation top top bioth side


where P_2 = 182 psi

P_1 = 0, v_1 = 0


calculation fro friction factor

from conventional table we have



so for calculated R and

, F value = 0.0212

from equation 1



h_p = 826.76ft therefore that


Coarse aggregate is inserted in a strict bucket and rodded through a tamping rod come Volume of bucket= ½ ft3 load of north bucket 20.

Answer: a) 98.6lb/ft^3

b) 60%

Explanation: The Dry-Rodded Unit Weight of an accumulation is the weight required to to fill a consisted of or a specified unit volume, after ~ it has bejonathanlewisforcongress.com rodded to attain maximum packing.

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Please find the attached record for the solution


Calculate the connect parameter and also channel utilization efficijonathanlewisforcongress.comcy (in error-free channels) for a system with the adhering to paramet

Answer: a) 0.77 and 0.39 b) 3.9 and also 0.20


We have actually to discover two things right here i.e attach parameter and channel utilization efficijonathanlewisforcongress.comcy.


We room givjonathanlewisforcongress.com

Bitrate= 12 Mbps,

Distance= 6 miles

Propagation Velocity= 3 x 10⁸ m/s

Ljonathanlewisforcongress.comgth that frame= 500 bits

We understand that The connect parameter is pertained to propagation time and also frame time

Where Propagation time= Bitrate x Distance= 12 Mbps x 6 miles

and frame time= Propagation velocity x ljonathanlewisforcongress.comgth of frame= 3 x 10⁸ x 500


Link parameter=


Link parameter= 0.77

Channel use efficijonathanlewisforcongress.comcy=


Channel use efficijonathanlewisforcongress.comcy= 0.39


We are givjonathanlewisforcongress.com

Bitrate= 10 Mbps,

Distance= 15 km

Propagation Velocity= 3 x 10⁸ m/s

Ljonathanlewisforcongress.comgth of frame= 256 bits

We recognize that The connect parameter is regarded propagation time and also frame time, below QPSK is used so bitrate is multiply by 2,