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365 Days on Netflix might be a negative movie that provides zero sense however ooft, it’s obtaining all kinds of attention for the steamy sex scenes.

The polishing erotic drama is at this time trending on Australian Netflix and follows an Italian mafia boss that kidnaps a woman, providing her 365 job to fall in love with him. The premise is clearly bonkers, together is the protagonist Massimo’s catchphrase “Are girlfriend lost, baby girl?” It’s the type of movie that’s best taken not too seriously — the on-screen partnership dynamic is exceptionally troubling but the sex is pretty cursed hot, especially the now infamous watercraft scene.

It’s unsurprising the this movie has discovered mass appeal. Many of us have actually been locked up because that months as result of the pandemic — and also unable to connect in casual hookups — therefore a movie which is basically a two-hour sex session has actually arrived at the perfect time.

People have actually gone wild because that it online, and also the movie has actually inspired loads of hilarious memes.

Here are few of the funniest memes about 365 Days on Netflix:


Christian grey city hall what"s massimo doing to his empire #365dni

— winissa (


when you’re strolling with italy and you listen ‘are you lost baby girl’ #365dni

— benny 🦋 #30. (
thanojansuresh) June 14, 2020


When massimo asks me “are girlfriend lost, baby girl?” #365days #365dni

— reymundo (
slayreyslay) June 18, 2020


“Are you shed baby girl” I’m i m really sorry it’s cringey af #365days

— Leanne (
CrvshDaya) June 18, 2020


Me city hall #365dni disgusted however intrigued:

— sincerely, a black color woman. (
babyjones_) June 19, 2020


Me trying come sleep tonight learning I’ll never ever be carry away by the sexy Italian mafia leader top top holiday and also be given #365days to autumn in love 🥺

— Shealtiel Henson (
ShealtielHenso2) June 13, 2020


STILL wait for massimo come kidnap me #365daysnetflix #365dni

— melaviia (
melaviia) June 13, 2020


me wait for waiting for Massimo to kidnap me and tell me I have actually 365 work to autumn in love v him #365dni

— slim thiCcc witcho cute a$$ (
melia_bedeliaa) June 17, 2020


When you go to Italy and purposely acquire lost however don’t hear “are you shed baby girl” behind you. #365dni #365days

— ♕Gabby♕ (
gabssanchezz) June 19, 2020


y’all the boat scene in #365dni ?? it made 50 shades look choose a Disney movie, mine GOD.

— ifeoma (
cxmartini) June 12, 2020


me omw to watch 365 days again reason the boat scene- #365daysnetflix #365dni

— givememynamepls (
dank623) June 14, 2020


it"s to be a day due to the fact that i watched it and also I"m still no over THAT watercraft sex scene in #365daysnetflix #365dni

— Soraya Montenegro, stan man Boyega! (
mottisjandra) June 14, 2020


Y’all see once he spit on that ?! that whole boat scene was ….. #365days

— Mrsd._ (
RealMrsD_) June 14, 2020


#365dni me right now …..

— GraceBish (
GrxceLilly) June 15, 2020


Laura hun execute u really think massimo wants to fuck you v that Karen ass haircut 🤢🤢🤢🤢 #365dni

— baked goods (
youknowwestan) June 15, 2020


Me to run to Italy come go search for mine Massimo 😭#365days

— Mercedi Breeze (
mercedi_breeze) June 16, 2020


That ending #365days #365dni

— 𝓚𝓲𝓵𝓵 𝓶𝓮 yet kill me cute (
baby_monett) June 11, 2020


I have to talk to whoever the director or the author was because that #365dni reason wtf was the ending????

— Mihrimah black LIVES matter | Kyoshi’s Khatun💚🏹 (
Mihrimah_Irena) June 16, 2020


Fucking hell guy 🥵 #365dni

— georgia (

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