The crossover proceeds with heartbreaking goodbyes and two epic battles -- only one of them ~ above Earth





How plenty of different points did tonight’s illustration of Arrow have to be? Let us count the ways: It needed to proceed the conflicts set up in The CW’s ambitious DC crossover. It essential to balance non-Arrow personalities within that narrative. And it required to respect the milestone the the show’s 100th episode. So exactly how did the do?

Previously, top top the Legends the Flarrowgirl crossover, the Dominators arrived to Earth. Team speed assembled the superheroes, including Thea, that finally suited up! Barry and Oliver remained behind while anyone else go to save the president; the far team went back to go every Kill Bill on the two of them thanks to the Dominators’ mental control. Yet Supergirl damaged them all free and everyone (save Barry) to be beamed up, Scotty.

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The hour opens with a callback to the Arrow pilot as Oliver sprints through greenery. Yet this time, it’s on the Queen Estate and also he’s going for a jog the day prior to his wedding. Inside the mansion, that canoodles through his beaming fiancée, a whole and also healthy Laurel Lance. Oliver’s chest is heartbreakingly cost-free of scars, burns, and trauma.

See, this Oliver never got on the Queen’s Gambit, never ever cheated on Laurel through her sister, never endured the 5 years that hell we’ve witnessed. But, of course, this isn’t real. Oliver and the remainder of the captives — Thea, John, Ray, and also Sara — are slumbering in extraterrestrial pods, pull in green pajamas. (Wait, the Dominators redressed them? Creepy.)

In the arrowhead Cave, the Arrowlettes and Cisco work-related frantically to situate their missing teammates. Cisco touch Oliver’s season 1 bow, hoping to vibe the ar of Oliver and agency — the heroes, no the cherished Disney cartoon certification Billy Joel. (Props to the showrunners for wait five whole years to bust that one out.)

He reflects them ~ above a delivery — “a small Alien, a small Star Trek, J.J. Abrams-style.”

First, duh. The course they’re on an alien ship; they to be taken up in beams the light! It’s unlikely they were whisked come an IHOP. Second, this is an excellent njonathanlewisforcongress.coms due to the fact that Felicity and also Curtis deserve to use the piece of the Dominators’ ship Cisco has to track them.

“We’re gonna hack alien tech. This is seriously the finest day the my entire life!” Curtis crows.

Back in the dream, Thea gives Oliver a pre-rehearsal-dinner gift that a hōzen, an arrowhead symbolizing reconnecting. And also yes, it’s the turning back of the pilot scene in i beg your pardon Oliver offered Thea the hōzen to symbolize their reconnection.

Oh, you believed that to be bittersweet? How around when the Queen parental walk right into the room, complete of love and praise for your grown children? “You’re virtually a completely different person. You both are,” Moira says.

Next, we cut to Sara, arriving at the Queen manse and greeting Laurel v a huge hug — but things are off. Laurel’s canary necklace provides Sara jump together if electrocuted. Oliver hugs Laurel and is confused by a flash of her as she appeared in she hospital deathbed. The skyline boasts a big building through Smoak technologies emblazoned throughout it, which doesn’t sit well with any kind of of the dream intruders, back they’re not certain why.

Oliver brushes it off, though, and he and also Robert have actually a heart-to-heart around Oliver’s future. Robert’s about to become mayor, and he requirements Oliver to action in as his CEO at Queen Consolidated, lest Walter Steele or ray Palmer grab control. As they debate, a thug requirements their watches, wallets, and phones in ~ gunpoint. Then a hood-wearing, arrow-wielding vigilante drops out of the sky to conserve them.

At the police station, Oliver defined the encounter to a peppy, presumably sober Quentin, who shows him a lay out of the Hood the looks precisely like Oliver’s map out from the pilot. Oliver has another flash the wrongness, regardless of Quentin informing Oliver he native a rich, licensed has been granted punk to a male he’s proud to have actually as his son-in-law.

At the rehearsal dinner, the Lance females enter, feather fabulous. Sara’s presented to beam Palmer; we see flashes of your Legends adventures, yet they both disregard it. Also, it would certainly seem Sara and Oliver didn’t hook increase in this reality, for those keeping track.

While the sisters are bonding, Oliver’s made the bolder decision to skip out of his rehearsal dinner to track under the Hood. He pinpoints the location and takes one elevator under to what’s usually the arrowhead Cave, yet with a huge potted plant for ambiance. Felicity’s there, alarmed in ~ the unauthorized entry, and the Hood himself jumps ~ above Oliver. It’s John! through a voice changer!

“My name is Oliver Queen,” Oliver starts come say, however the enemy Hood duo cut him off. John wrestles him into a headlock and grounds out, “No one can know mine secret.” yes! Yes, save referencing the pilot, you clever show!

But Oliver insists he to know them both. We check out flashes the John and Oliver’s past, the John getting married and also then death Andy. “I think we’ve met before,” man admits, lowering his hood. The exact same flashes take place with Felicity, and also we watch Olicity meeting, kissing, fake marrying. Yet John’s not ready to believe, particularly when Oliver speak him John killed his brother.

“You’ve gained everything. Everything, man! avoid trying to litter it every away,” man yells, pushing Oliver onto the elevator and earlier to his perfect life.

The job of the dreamland wedding, Moira fusses end Thea, informing her exactly how beautiful she looks, and Thea says she’s never ever been happier. She climate flashes come watching Moira die through Deathlok’s blade through her chest, and also it’s upsetting for all of us.

Also dressing for the wedding space Laurel and Sara, both furious v Oliver because that skipping out on the rehearsal. “You’re lucky I’m no a trained assassin or anything,” Sara hisses as she leaves, v League the Assassins music playing on the soundtrack.

Once it’s the 2 of them, Oliver begs Laurel come elope with him immediately — the just thing that makes sense come him is loving Laurel and also taking the task at Queen Consolidated. “And i don’t want to give it up. I’m afraid that I’m going to offer it up,” that pleads.


And sure enough, Deathstroke (a.k.a. Slade Wilson) shows up to assault them. It’s a an excellent fight do even better when Sara reflects up and runs through Deathstroke v a sword. “How did I carry out that?” she marvels, and I i think she’s referencing just how she didn’t obtain blood on she bridesmaid dress.

With Sara’s help, they establish the various other dreamers are Ray and Thea and also the all-wrong Smoak Technologies structure is your ticket out of this false reality.

Speaking the Ms. Smoak, the team members in the non-altered fact realize they need a McGuffin falange to occupational with the dilithium crystals in the alien tech, and also said McGuffin can only be discovered with a tech-modded doctor called Laura Washington.

Supergirl join Flash, Mr. Terrific, and Wild Dog to take it the doctor down, return Wild Dog must an initial make it clear exactly how much he distrusts metas and aliens who godlike strength don’t do the world a far better place. Listen, if Rene isn’t willing to let Supergirl, a.k.a. The nicest mrs on the planet, into his heart, he’s dead come me.

The modded medical professional shows up through a laser arm and also a Missy-from-DoctorWho eyepatch to fight the team, but Supergirl and also Barry companion up to save Rene and also defeat the mecha-woman. Naturally, Rene has the faster turnaround ever before in his feelings about metas and also aliens. It’s rushed and sloppily done, however the rest of this illustration is for this reason perfect i don’t care.

Back in dreamland, Thea and also Malcom Merlyn chat around Tommy’s task as a physician in Chicago if Sara pulls ray away native Felicity, to whom he’s engaged. As those two talk, Oliver sneaks in, and also he and Felicity re-publishing a short, fraught look prior to his parents urge him to get ready for the wedding.

By now, Oliver’s realized Laurel and also Queen Consolidated aren’t his life anymore, and he hugs Moira and also Robert in an unspoken farjonathanlewisforcongress.comell.

Then he turns to collection Thea, yet she doesn’t desire to leave. She’s happy, and she states this life is real sufficient for her. Nothing but pain and suffering waits for them in the actual world. Why not leave Barry and also Kara to protect the planet while they take this reality as the rjonathanlewisforcongress.comard for their sacrifices?

“I didn’t do those sacrifices because that a rjonathanlewisforcongress.comard,” Oliver says. “I walk what ns did since I thought it was right.”

He begs Thea come come through him due to the fact that he can’t execute what requirements to be done alone. Thea refuses. “I can’t lose them again,” Thea says. “I can’t lose my family.” A crushed Oliver says it’s okay; he wants her to it is in well and happy. And also then he leaves her there.

Oliver, John, Sara, and also Ray are prepared to leave when the Dominators dredge increase villains from their memories to prevent them: Deathstroke, Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn.

As they face down this cadre that villains, Thea joins the lineup. “I had a readjust of heart, okay? like I said, ns can’t lose my household again.”

And climate we’re treated to one epic, visceral hand-to-hand fight. Sara it s okay her possibility to destroy the male who killed her sister, Thea take away on Malcolm, and Ray looks a tiny startled after shoot a man dead. The highlight here? Thea shooting an arrowhead at Sara, which she catches and uses to stab Darhk, then Thea tosses the bow to Oliver, that takes under Deathstroke.

In short, the struggle is fantastic. as soon as it’s over, the five are ready to head out till Laurel mirrors up. Even though lock all recognize it’s every a dream, they prevent to to speak goodbye.

Sara bids Laurel a tearful farjonathanlewisforcongress.comell, acknowledging what she’s to be struggling v all season: “Some points you just can’t fix.”

Then Oliver gets his goodbye, informing Laurel that isn’t the person she dropped in love with and she constantly deserved better.

Look, i was never ever a Laurel fan, yet this was wrenching. The Oliver Queen who went back from the island 5 years ago returned through a heart complete of love because that Laurel. That the Dominators would shot to exploit that provides sense, an especially in an illustration designed to commemorate the vault 99 episodes.

In the Smoak building, the fivesome uncover a large shiny portal and step v it. But prior to Oliver walks with it, specters native his past appear to to whisper to him.

Back in the real arrowhead Cave, the team realizes the alien tech is transmitting in a type of gematria, the numerology the the Torah in which each letter coincides to a number. This allows them to crack the latitude and also longitude, which present up together negatives. They’re boggled when they realize their kidnapped brethren and also sistren space in external space, and also again, i feel choose this shouldn’t it is in a surprise. They room literally fighting aliens here.

So yeah, the fivesome wake up in their alien jammies and creep under the hallway that a spaceship, where they run throughout some Dominators, fire ~ above them with alien weapons that occur to it is in lying around, and also hijack an alien jump ship that Thea activates by pushing the touchpad.

They zip away but are immediately pursued by a legion that Dominator ships, and holy crap, to be you guys expecting to clock a space battle tonight? The fleeing heroes are easily outnumbered…until the Waverider appears to tractor-beam lock onto the ship and also zip away, v a cheerful Nate Haywood wait to greet them.

“This is precisely twice as many spaceships together I ever before thought I’d be on,” states an awestruck Thea.

Now that they’re for sure on the ship, beam starts to think through the ramifications of what they simply went through, and he realizes the Dominators to be distracting lock while probing your non-metahuman subconsciousness. He then repeats a snippet the a Dominator phrase he heard them say on the delivery — due to the fact that Ray Palmer is a genius and also the best character in The CW’s DC-verse, hands down. I will certainly brook no argument on this point.

Gideon converts the phrase to “We room nearing completion of the weapon,” and also the team realizes, to their horror, the mothership is on a direct course for Earth.

So. Numerous Arrow activity here, and not as much for The Flash/Supergirl folks come do. Still, the all operated beautifully. We get enough cross-team action to do it a treat because that vijonathanlewisforcongress.comers that the Berlanti-verse while still forwarding the intrusion story line — and honoring the characters, plots, and also themes that have actually made Arrow together a satisfying show over the critical four and a fifty percent seasons.

It to be a high order, however the episode pulled the off. Now go hydrate yourself; you should replenish her moisture.

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Season 5 salmon-ladder count: 3.5. One for Oliver, 1.5 because that Curtis, one for Rene.The best component of this episode was the palatial bathroom in the Queen mansion. Want.The second-best component of this episode was Curtis’ disillusionment with the typical aliens. Bad guy!

Were girlfriend satisfied with this episode as component of the crossover? was it a fitting tribute come Arrow’s 100th-episode milestone? allow me understand in the comments!

Billionaire Oliver Queen — under the vigilante persona of arrow — do the efforts to right the wrongs of his family and fight the ills that society.
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