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While the item was packaged well, namong the bars appeared to be old or crumelted, I still got a load that was 80% chocolate spices. The pack I have actually came with 6 ranges, chocolate sea salt, mint cocoa, peanut butter cocoa, coffee cocoa, peanut butter, and also blueberry. In the ad, it mentions seasonings such as maple and apple pie, and also tbelow are several that I can"t recognize yet show up to be various other fruit spices. I bought the load after trying blueberry at job-related and also liking it as a nice meal supplement, so I was willing to offer various other spices a try however I was really looking forward to trying some of the significant spices like apple pie, and also from the picture gave, I had supposed a flavor in a pink wrapper that I couldn"t read, so I presumed it was strawberry or raspberry.Mint cocoa is by much the worst of the bunch - it"s not sweet enough for the combination of mint and cocoa so it tastes choose mint oil with an undertone of dirt, and also the other cocoa seasonings additionally do not jive well with the added Date flavor, in my opinion. Chocolate is extremely a lot a dessert flavor and also probably shouldn"t be in this type of product, because a lot of of them have this underlying earthy flavor, because it"s simply not sweet enough to pull it off. I wouldn"t mention that, but once the pack I gained was 80% cacao seasonings, I"m managing most under-sweetened, bitter, earthy cacao bars. The almonds and also texture are a plus, but all at once don"t get this variety pack because it seems to be totally random what you"ll acquire and you might simply end up with 5 flavors that you do not choose, and also 1 that you perform.