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Ten freaky girls, within The Chin TikiGirl, when you see me, you better believe meThis ain't a game and also pimping ain't easyAnything goes, once it concerns hoesI'm the kingpin, once it comes to flowsYou much better ask someone if girlfriend don't knowWhen you check out me girl, speak what increase doeTen freaky girls, ten, ten, ten freaky girlsTen freaky girls, and they every goin' hammerTen freaky girls, we recordin'?I acquired ten freak girlsTen freaky girlsI obtained ten freaky girls, and they every on mollyAnd they in the world, but whatever, law ménagesI gained ten freak girls, external in the lobbyTen freaky girls, ten freaky girlsI acquired ten freaky girls, poppin' pills, goin' gnarlyAnd lock love to twerk, they the life that the partyI acquired ten freaky girls, takin' shots, pussy poppin'Ten freaky girls, ten freaky girls
I obtained ten freaky girls, and also they all goin' hammerEspecially Lil Ebony, can't forget about SamanthaAnd Lil Ashley store exting me, cause she's a party animalLove a young nigga, reason a kid acquired staminaMorgan she for this reason gorgeous, and she walk to Morgan StateAnd at any time I'm in ~ Morgan State, the kid get more than eightAnd Tory acquired a porsche, and also my lil' shorty, she get cakeAnd she so freaky, she simply love to see me skeet and porsche her faceAnd Letici is so freaky, she want dick, as soon as she say feeding meAnd LaToya pussy video game water, man, I contact her FijiPeaches store that pussy skeetin', got to watch it to think itAnd my lil' she's a nympho and a teacherYou understand I'm fresh together hell, once I step up in the partyAnd my surname ain't deez, bitches know that I gain moneyWe gained bottles end here, tell the waitress store 'em comingI got ten freaky girls, dancing favor they working on itI obtained ten freaky girls, lock the life that the partyI gained ten freaky girls, shakin' ass and pussy poppin'If they desire to walk to the world, I'm a placed 'em on that mollyProbably sniffing on the low, that's just how they salary they way through collegeI gained ten freaky girls, through tattoos every on they bodyI got ten freaky girls, and they under to gain it poppin'I acquired ten freaky girls, got enough for eveybodyIt ain't trickin' if you obtained it, happen on to mine nigga, Johnny