The video game anti-addiction re-upgrade setup is online on all platforms and age-appropriate tips Minors' seeks to online gamings has recently attracted social attention. Come this end, on respectable 3, Tencent announced the it would begin a pilot routine with "Honor of Kings" and gradually introduce measures such as twin reduction and dual play for every games. At the same time, Netease Games and S

The game anti-addiction re-upgrade plan is digital on every platforms and also age-appropriate tips

Minors" seeks to online games has newly attracted social attention.

To this end, on respectable 3, Tencent announced that it would begin a pilot regime with "Honor the Kings" and also gradually present measures such as twin reduction and dual play for every games.

At the exact same time, Netease Games and Shengqu games have additionally begun to upgrade their anti-addiction instrument for online games, strict limiting the playing time the underage users, increasing usage control, strictly screening of doubt misappropriation of parent accounts, and an essential monitoring.You are watching: Anti-addiction virtual time

The game Working Committee the the China Audiovisual and also Digital publishing Association plans that in the next step, nevertheless of computer system games, mobile games, mini games, etc., age-appropriate prompts will be released on all platforms to accomplish stronger protection for minors.

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11.66% of students play games practically every day

The newly revised "Law of the People’s Republic the China ~ above the defense of Minors" come into impact on June 1 this year. It has actually a different chapter ~ above "Network Protection", which clearly stipulates that virtual product and service providers shall not carry out minors come induce their addiction. Products and also services; digital game business providers have to require minors to register and log in to online games with their true identification information.

However, follow to media reports, in the 1929 questionnaires on student playing time, 26.23% of students play online games once in two or 3 days, and also 11.66% of them play digital games practically every day; the term of playing games per work is 1- 2 hrs accounted for 53.91%, and games played more than 5 hrs a work accounted because that 2.28%.

Is this data true?

In this regard, a reporter from Beijing Youth day-to-day interviewed the relevant person in charge of the game Working Committee of the China Audiovisual and also Digital posting Association (hereinafter described as the "head that the game Working Committee").

The human in charge claimed bluntly: "From first-tier come fourth-tier cities, there will certainly inevitably be deviations in statistics dimensions or data interfaces. Follow to the data exit by the set of civil Affairs, together of the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, there were 6.436 million left-behind children in landscape areas across the country. Rural locations Left-behind children in the region, due to the absence of the company and supervision of their guardians, might have more opportunities and also time come come into call with online games, for this reason the relationship of playing games may it is in higher."

Strictly regulate the digital time the underage users

native the plan level, the state has actually a clear mindset towards “anti-indulging in gamings by minors”. The head that the video game Working Committee said frankly: “In fact, under the background that the security of minors has actually been strengthened year through year, most residential game companies deserve to strictly Implementation of assorted regulations and requirements, and the effect is still very obvious. Because that example, the leading suppliers have relatively strict in-game screening systems, and immediately take actions if individuals who violate the rules room found. At the exact same time, the proficient authorities space constantly strengthening the prior and also in-process , Post-event supervision mechanism."

follow to the China video game Industry Report for January-June 2021, together of the first half that 2021, Chinese game users reached 667 million, an increase of 1.38% year-on-year, and also the expansion rate continued to slow; e-sports customers were 489 million, an increase of 1.13% year-on-year. The expansion rate is also slowing down.

among the netizens in my country, students space the most. Follow to statistics, together of December 2020, the proportion is 21.0%.

The national Press and Publication management issued the "Notice on preventing Minors native Indulging in virtual Games" in 2019, request the implementation that a real-name registration device for online video game user accounts and also strictly managing the time and also duration that online video game use through minors.

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Tencent take it "Glory of the King" together a pilot and also launched actions such as double reductions and doubles.

Its main point content contains the implementation the stricter restrictions on the digital time of boy users, from 1.5 hrs to 1 hour on non-holidays, and from 3 hours to 2 hours on holidays.

It is forbidden because that minors under the age of 12 come consume in the game.

On august 4, Tencent announced the update of the wellness system of "Honor of Kings", and it is forbidden come recharge under the age of 12.See more: pick The best Lewis structure For Po43, Chemistry Final

arrangement to launch age-appropriate advice on all platforms

"In fact, in recent years, video game companies and also practitioners have actually been upgrading their very own anti-addiction systems. Anti-addiction should be the joining of families, schools, society, game companies, and also related organizations. You can"t think of games as a scourge. What should be opposed is the unrestrained game behavior and also the habits of occurring games purely for profit.” said Ye Tian, ​​a senior game planner.

The Beijing Youth daily reporter learned the recently, the video game Working Committee and also related game companies hosted a closed-door meeting on anti-addiction work. In this regard, the person in charge of the video game Working Committee revealed: “In this closed-door meeting, the video game Working Committee invited part units and companies that participated in the formulation of standards to collectively summarize the job-related progress of the group standards of the beforehand "Online Game age Reminder" to understand and also collect the problems encountered in the actual job-related of the company, and also report the problems and also situations discovered by the video game work committee come the company." about the future job-related plan, the human being in charge of the video game work committee bluntly said: "Next, the job-related committee plans All video game companies have to follow the plan timetable and also cover the typical to all products in accordance through the required quality and also quantity. In addition, we plan to start age-appropriate reminders on all platforms-the existing age-appropriate reminders are mostly for client games and also mobile gamings Designed, next, we setup to additionally promote the age-appropriate reminder conventional on the host platform to accomplish all-round protection of minors." Wen/Reporter Wang Lei