Sydney Rae Bass has actually a big and friendly family, which is composed of her parents, an enlarge sister and also a younger brother. You can read around them in “Jessie James Decker family”. And also now we desire to tell you about her husband and also cute tiny daughter.

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photo instagram / anthonyebass

Date of birth: November 1, 1987

Anthony base is recognized to every girls in the world as a husband the a beauty, beauty Sydney Rae James, and also he is well-known to every the boys together a talented baseball pitcher.

He was born in Dearborn, Michigan in the family of Ed Bass and his mam Linda. His parents are still happy married. He has actually two sister – Beth and Amy – and a brothers David.

Anthony attended Trenton High School. He play baseball as an amateur in his institution years. ~ graduation, he gone into Wayne State University and while examining there played for the team “the Wayne State Warriors”. Regardless of his young age, that performed on the ar really well, and also in 2008 was title as the Pitcher the the Year.

Anthony began to beat professionally in ~ the san Diego Padres and also in June 2011 that debuted in a significant league. After ~ a pair of successful periods with Padres, he to be traded by Houston Astros and also then moved to Texas Rangers. Since 2018 that is the player of Cincinnati Reds.

In spite of a busy schedule, Anthony discovered time for dating. He obtained acquainted through the reality show star Sydney Rae Bass v his sister. They wedded in early 2017.

As Syd called in a rare interview, she husband is certain in love with her and accepts naturally all the weird things she walk sometimes. In September 2017 they came to be parents of a newborn girl.


photo instagram / sydneyraebass


photo instagram / sydneyraebass

Sydney Rae Bass, previously recognized as Sydney Rae James, is commemorated as a reality TV actress and also lifestyle blogger. She entered the limelight because that the an initial time as the younger sister of a pop and also country star Jessie James Decker. And she appeared in the reality show “Eric and also Jessie: video game On” of she sister Jessie and brother-in-law Eric Decker.

Sydney gone into this civilization in Boise, Idaho. Her mommy Karen Parker is a popular writer and also blogger, and her father Steve Parker is a military man and the Air force General. She relocated a lot and had to readjust a variety of schools while farming up because of she father’s career.

She tries come lead healthy lifestyles and also shares her right food recipes in a blog “Southern Girl City Lights”. The mrs met one athlete Anthony Bass v his sister, that saw Syd top top “Eric and Jessie: video game On” and wrote her an digital letter with a blog, whereby told the her brothers was an ideal couple for her.

At first, Ms. James laugh at the letter but then agreed to go for a date with him and all the finished a pair of months later with one engagement ring at Camelback hill (Phoenix). They both climbed the mountain and also at the an extremely top of that Anthony got on one knee and proposed her.

They wedded ~ above January 27, 2017, in Los Cabos, Mexico. That really year in September they welcomed a baby girl Brooklyn.

Now Sydney is a happy mother and a wife and also an incredibly beautiful woman, that course.

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photo instagram / sydneyraebass

Her favorite location for holidays is Cabo mountain Lucas, Mexico.Her small daughter Brooklyn invested 65 work in the NICU prior to she was allowed to walk home. Unfortunately, in 2018 she appeared in NICU again – this time with bronchiolitis. Syd never gets tired to thank her mommy for helping she with small Brooklyn in a hospital.Like any type of other mommy of a little girl, she has actually not lot time for herself. However Sydney looks perfect every day the the week. She eagerly shares she “busy mom” beauty advice – a bubble bath and also a hairdo when a week. Then she just uses a dried shampoo to do her hair fresh.She is a large lover the a lavender ice-cream.She likes come drink the pineapple black color ice tea to acquire refreshed ~ a sleepless night (if her little girl doesn’t sleep well).