25 Places Angelina Jolie Likes To Travel To That Will Make Brad Pitt Jealous She likes to involve all her six youngsters in her work-related and her charity commitments, definition that they are as well-traveled as their mother.

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The beautiful southern French town of St. Tropez has actually long been a haunt of the well-off and well known. Think Brigitte Bardot, Coco Chanel, Joan Collins and many type of more, consisting of Angelina Jolie.

Since the Cannes Film Festival began in 1946, stars have flocked to the nearby St. Tropez to relax and also enjoy the bars and also restaurants, as well as to be checked out, according to See Saint Tropez. Angelina has actually used the bit tvery own to recoup and also refresh and gain the sunny beach life.

16 Dao Six Senses, Vietnam

Dao Six Senses believes that the guest’s happiness is the a lot of vital aspect of their service, so it is no surpclimb that Angelina loves to visit the resort. They design a personal routine for each guest to encertain that maximum wellbeing is achieved during their stay.

Everything from handmade pillows to a personal evaluation of your lifestyle is done to ensure that your continue to be at the Six Senses contributes to your happiness and also sends you ameans through tools to live a better life exterior of Six Senses.


15 Lake Tahoe, Nevada

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Angelina’s daughter Zahara is from Ethiopia and also Angelina is a big fan of the Afrideserve to country. It has stunning scenery, full of desert and also lush landscapes and the friendliest of people.

Angelina brings her totality family to enjoy Ethiopia, so they have the right to obtain to recognize the nation of their sibling’s birth. It is crucial to her to encertain that her adopted kids are in tune through their heritage and keep in touch via their roots, reveals Cwarmth Sheet.

4 Toronto, Canada

Angelina has actually linked occupational and pleasure in Toronto, taking her children to film premieres in the city while promoting her work-related. While there is plenty of fun to be had in the Canadian city, it looked to Vanity Fair that Angelina was happy to involve her youngsters in a red-carpet event held tbelow.

She might travel the human being and also have a glamorous way of life however she appears happiest once she is through her rainbow brood, at occupational or at play. She currently combines both, working with her children on film scripts and also entailing them in her direction.


3 Ecuador

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Angelina is well-known for her humanitarian job-related and also Ecuador is just one of the locations she has concentrated this work on according to CBS News. While Angelina has visited the country for work, she enjoys the relaxing side of Ecuador also.

Tbelow is plenty to perform in the nation, from hiking and cycling to discover the sea life and also wildlife of the South Amerideserve to destination. Picturesque towns and high-end spas dot the landscape along with a wonderful climate that leaves travellers feeling renewed and also revitalized.

2 Pakistan

While Angelina has visited Pakistan in her capacity as a UN Ambassador, she has actually been taken via the society and beauty of the area and captivated by the human being who live there. She has saw many times, as Pakpositive reports and has actually also worn the typical dress of the Pakistani females.

Similar to eincredibly area of her life, Angelina has actually common her experiences in Pakistan via her kids, that are fully connected in her job-related and support her all the way. The sites, colors, and society of the area draw travellers all year round, and Angelina is no exemption.


1 Provence, France

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Angelina loves the southern of France so much that she shared a house via Brad and also her youngsters for a number of years in the picturesque spot. The home wright here the household lived offered the finest of the region, from typical architecture to vineyards and also lush countryside according to Decanter.

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It is a place that has enthralled artists and writers over the years, through its beautiful, distinct light and also fresh, homemade cuisine. The neighborhood markets are ripe through color and also the tiny Provencal hill villperiods offer an insight right into rural France that is fairly unchoose everywhere else.

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