During the lab, i did a titration to find the total alkalinity,and a back titration, and also the empty titration.

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I obtained all the calculation for the very first two titration, i m sorry iscarbonate and also dicarbonate, however I don"t know just how to calculate thecalculation because that the empty titration. Below is some of theinformation about the empty titration that i did:

Blank: Titrate w/ std. 0.1 M HCl mixture the 25 mL that water, 10mL of 10% wt BaCl2 and 50.00 mL of std. 0.1 M NaOH. Repeattwice.

Here is my number after ~ titrated:

trial 1: 49.8 mL that HCl used

trial2: 50.5 mL

trial 3: 50.2 mL

Now I should calculate how lot NaOH is consumed bybarium chloride in the blank titration? ns do know to findthat value by individually the lot of HCl titrated through the blanksolutionthat. However how perform you execute that. Have the right to anyone aid me through this?Thanks

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To nutralised .1 molar 25 ml HCl 25 ml .1 molar NaOH is REQUIRE, N…View the full answer


Transcribed photo text: This procedure entails two titrations. First, full alkalinity (moles the bicarbonate + moles of carbonate) is measure by titrating the mixture with standard HCI come a methyl orange end point: HC03- + H+ H2CO3 C032- + 2H+ H2CO3 A separate aliquot the unknown is treated through excess typical NaOH to transform HCO3- to CO32-: HC03- + OH- CO32- + H2O Then every the lead carbonate is precipitated through BaCl2: Ba2+ + CO32- - BaCO3 (s) The excess NaOH is automatically titrated with standard HC1 come determine just how much HCO3- was present. From the complete alkalinity and moles of bicarbonate, you deserve to calculate the original moles of carbonate present.
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