So once I shot to operation DynDOLOD or TexGen, it tons up all of my files and also esps favor normal, yet after it tons the critical one, I gain an error article that states "An error occured when loading modules. Editing is disabled. Examine the message log and correct the error.", and also when i click OK, the routine stops. The thing is, the article log doesn"t phone call me what the difficulty is, it simply says that the background loader is finished.

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I make the efforts various techniques of fixing it, including disabling/removing the DynDOLOD esp and also esm, and also tried reinstalling that (and double checking to view if I got the correct records for VR).I"ve attached two screenshots the the error message and also the log in after i hit OK. What"s strange is the DynDOLOD was working in the past, however doesn"t anymore.What do?


Edit: The 2nd screenshot failed to upload. It"s simply the exact same as the normal log, however with "Background loader: finished" at the end.

Edited February 11, 2020 by Jadefire
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sheson 610


sheson 610

TalosMod writer 6106,885 posts
Posted February 11, 2020

Do not article screen shots the text. Instead paste the log in to pastebin or upload to a document service.


The xEdit plugin loader encountered an error with the pack order. Check all of the log messages for errors or warnings. It should have messages the tell precisely what happened.

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Jadefire 0

Jadefire 0

WatcherCitizen 02 posts
Posted February 11, 2020

Looks like it to be a mod, a hair replacer for khajiit and argonians. Ns didn"t record it because it was much earlier in the logs. Trouble fixed, for now.

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An error occurred while loading modules
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