an air-track glider attached come a spring oscillates between the 12.0 cm mark and the 55.0 cm note on the track. The glider completes 15.0 oscillations in 37.0 s. What are the (a) period, (b) frequency, (c) amplitude, and (d) maximum rate of the glider?
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The equation of activity of the oscillator is

`x(t) = A*sin(omega*t+phi)`

1) The duration is simply the time for one complete oscillation (or equivalent the station of the frequency):

`T = "time"/n =1/F = 37/15 =2.467 s`

2) The frequency, together said over is the train station of the period:


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The equation of movement of the oscillator is

`x(t) = A*sin(omega*t+phi)`

1) The period is simply the time because that one complete oscillation (or indistinguishable the train station of the frequency):

`T = "time"/n =1/F = 37/15 =2.467 s`

2) The frequency, as said over is the station of the period:

`F = 1/T =1/2.467 =0.405 Hz`

3) The amplitude is half the difference in between minimum and also maximum point out on the track:

`X_max =+A` , `X_min =-A`

`A =(X_max-X_min)/2=(55-12)/2 =21.5 cm`


`v(t) =dx/dt = omega*A*cos(omega*t+phi)`

`v_max =omega*A =2*pi*F*A =2*pi*0.405*0.215 =0.547 m/s`

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