A customer research panel is defined as a team of people brought along with the express purpose of providing opinions, insight and feedback ~ above products and also services. In basic terms, a customer research panel is the participating audience in market research campaigns.

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These panels are supplied in a wide selection of campaigns, consisting of those on advertising research, product testing, and also other efforts that need the input and insight that a target audience.

Panel members room selected to stand for either a certain group or the basic public, with panels comprised of 10s (and sometimes hundreds) of hundreds of people. Businesses deserve to then segment the panels based on certain criteria and also demographics come ensure they’re reaching the ideal audience through their questions.

Consumer research study Panels: Why perform They Matter?


Thanks come the internet and also social media, sales channels are becoming increasingly saturated, through consumers bombarded through messages and also offers morning, noon and also night. V this in mind, businesses room now, an ext than ever, in search of marginal gains in order come outmaneuver the competition.

And while products and also services deserve to share price points and also features, consumer research panels can aid business owners know a vital intangible once it comes to standing out from the crowd: customer experience (CX).

For example, if your competitor is operating under the (false) presumption that your product or organization is meeting their customers’ needs, quality consumer research can aid you set your organization apart and establish it together a sector leader.

The goal of this panels is to actively listen to — and act ~ above — systematic insights from your target audience. Once you understand just how your product or services makes them feeling (good or bad), you can make the necessary adjustments to place your offering more effectively.

How is a customer Research Panel put Together?

Consumer research study panel entrants are often recruited via digital channels. Participants are then organized based on specific factors, such together gender, age, location, profession, and an individual interests. The much more information gleaned in ~ the recruitment stage, the better, together it allows you come target one incredibly particular and target audience.

Usually, authorized is incentivized – v panel members receiving rewards in exchange for their time and insight. Rewards can variety from cash and also gift cards to money-off vouchers and also points, which can be redeemed versus products or services.

Once a panel has been formed, research can be conducted. Questionnaires are sent out to a pick group of respondent designed for a certain target audience.

How go it different From Other species of client Research?

A consumer study panel gives you the chance to evolve your ideas, involving the exact same target group throughout because that feedback on your iterations. This help you ensure the you’re moving in the appropriate direction as you make changes to your product, service, brand or message. 

Using a panel is, therefore, in stark contrast to emphasis groups or other one-off surveys. These tend to be “once-and-done” endeavors, where you get feedback in isolation, based solely on what’s placed in prior of the group or inspection recipients at the time. 

This can make plot insights harder to come by, specifically if you’re unable to reconvene the focus group or reach the same survey respondent to gauge their opinions top top the alters you’ve made.

What room the benefits of using an Online consumer Research Panel?

Online consumer research panels permit you to efficiently attach with target sector segments, collecting an important feedback in the process. This an approach of research has the adhering to benefits: 

Higher an answer rates from encouraged respondents: panel members are regularly highly motivated to respond together they’ve opted-in come take part in the research. This can result in a higher quality the feedback.Current insights from a representative audience: When preserved properly, a consumer research panel uses an up-to-date picture of your audience’s thoughts and behaviors. Quicker and lower cost: consumer panels can provide faster insights at a lower cost when compared with various other research methods – specifically with emphasis groups, which require time and expenses to run, therefore taking longer to coordinate and screen respondents.Feedback can be applied faster, too: The data obtained from online consumer panels deserve to be analyzed quicker, through trends and patterns spotted and sorted with just a few clicks. This way that if there’s an overriding agreement that something no working, you can adjust it quickly prior to it’s as well late.Anonymity means nothing’s off-limits: The online nature the a customer research panel method you can openly ask questions regarding sensitive information, consisting of sexual health and also activity, alcohol and also drug use, relationship status, and other questions on personal matters. 


What space the border of consumer Research Panels?

Unfortunately, online customer panels aren’t every sunshine and also rainbows. Lock do, in fact, have some clear and obvious drawbacks, i m sorry include: 

Small sample sizes and limited availability: depending upon your industry and also target market, you might experience an obstacle in detect respondents as result of age, location, or lack of internet access, every one of which could skew your data. Online survey fatigue: possibilities are you i will not ~ be the only one trying come reach your target audience through a questionnaire. Digital surveys have never been more popular, however this level the popularity can lead come jaded recipients just ignoring or deleting her invitations.Risk of dashboard dropouts: making use of the exact same panel because that months on finish won’t guarantee that it’ll stay intact. Participants might drop out over time, meaning the quality and also accuracy that the feedback can be affected.Lack of clarification or follow-ups: Other, much more qualitative techniques of consumer research will regularly involve a trained interviewer, there to prod and also probe a respondent into widening on one interesting point or observation. This is doing not have from online consumer panels, make it complicated to clarification what someone intended if your feedback is vague

Examples of consumer Research Panels in Action


As we touched ~ above earlier, there space a variety of ways in which a research panel can be provided in quest of an important insights and also game-changing feedback. Right here are a few examples:

Product testing: Some research panels can be incentivized to administer feedback in exchange for very early look at a new product – so long as they provide an in-depth solution based top top their an initial impressions and overall experience. This is particularly useful pre-launch, allowing you to gather feedback and also make improvements. App onboarding: comparable to product testing, you can use a research study panel to test the onboarding procedure for an app or piece of software. This will placed your interface at the on the handle of the an extremely people you hope will usage it post-launch, providing you a crucial glimpse right into their experience and enjoyment.Ad testing: Marketing companies and digital agencies can use consumer research panels to check the impact of a particular advertisement or campaign, ensuring that it renders a connection with the target audience and encourages castle to take it action.

An alternate to Conventional consumer Research Panels

Used effectively — and with a reliable and vetted dashboard of respondents — consumer research panels can assist your organization gain a competitive advantage. At least, that’s the idea. Because, as much more and an ext companies are discovering, consumer panels room on the downswing. Those drawbacks we mentioned above are becoming much more prevalent, making top quality feedback harder to find.

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Here at jonathanlewisforcongress.com, we don’t usage panels of expert survey takers. Instead, you advantage from our industry research methodology by sourcing real civilization who room online appropriate now. Us let you survey world who are going in and also out the applications, with our partnerships through publishers. The a randomized however targeted survey distribution method, and you reach proved respondents who have real insights. 

With over half a billion human being in ours network, we never have to worry around data quality. We deserve to simply remove those poor eggs and also retain only the best, many authentic, and also most valuable information.