Americas Wind Energy is a providers of wind generators to the wind power market throughout north America.

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AWE own the legal rights to Lagerwey wind turbine technology for the Americas.

Suitable applications because that AWE wind turbines include:

Wind ranches Municipal wind strength systems big agricultural wind strength Imbedded device for industry and mining Wind systems incorporated with various other technologies. E.g. Wind diesel

Primary Activity

The Future the Harnessing fusion to carry out Limitless Clean Energy

Dr Annie Kritcher speak to Dr Annie Kritcher the the national Ignition Facility about the team's important fusion breakthrough that could open up the opportunity of limitless, clean energy.


Identifying and also Preventing the spread out of Wildfires native Air and Space

Professor Carlton Pennypacker

This interview discusses the impact of wildfires, how climate readjust is driving this wildfires, and also the future that wildfire detection and also monitoring.


The 'PEARL' Membrane and How it works to Remediate Water Pollution

Stephanie M. Ribet and also Prof. Vinayak P. Dravid speak with Stephanie Ribet and Prof. Vinayak Dravid from Northwestern University. Stephanie and also Vinayak were part of a team the has emerged a way to eliminate phosphate indigenous aquatic systems and also reuse it.


Introducing the completely Simultaneous ICP-OES Instrument—the Avio® 550 Max

The Avio® 550 Max is a compact, totally simultaneous ICP-OES instrument, right for labs through high throughput requirements.


Prima PRO: process Mass Spectrometer

A number of difficult process applications in the petrochemical, iron and steel, and also biotechnology industries can be fixed by this online procedure mass spectrometer and process gas analyzer.

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PEM Hydrogen Generators: 10 to 30 Nm³/h

Hydrogen C-Series generators produce ultra-high purity hydrogen because that a wide range of applications utilizing Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell stack and also PSA technology.