Oh, the single life. It can mean so many different things to so many people, and we all have a unique way of dealing with the fact that no one seems interested in us at the moment. Some people genuinely enjoy being single and taking things slow, while others are on an endless quest to track down their one true love and get married as quickly as possible. One thing that most humans have in common is not wanting to end up alone, but the cold reality is that there are some people who may never find someone to share their lives with.

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Love comes at you fast and unexpectedly, and as quickly as it comes, it can leave again. If you fail to keep your eyes open, you may miss your shot at love. Thankfully, we"re here to give you some guidance on being single. Now, we can"t make someone love you, but we sure as heck can give you a quiz that will clue you in on all of the things that you"re doing wrong.

Today, we ask that you take this brief quiz. Should you fail, we will have to deliver some truly awful news about your love life. However, if you pass, you should jump for joy, because you"re doing something right.

Question 1

Do You Care About Your Appearance?

Yes No
It's one thing to be completely vain, but it’s another thing entirely to spend some time taking care of your physical appearance. Even those who wear more of a lackadaisical look still make sure that they look good before leaving the house.

Question 2

Does Seeing Couples Make You Sick?

Love is everywhere, but some people aren’t as happy about it as others. People can be guilty of laying on their PDA obnoxiously thick, but there's something endearing about seeing two people in love. Do you hate seeing people be affectionate?

Question 3

Are You Awkward When Meeting People?

Meeting people for the first time can prove to be a difficult task for some people. While we all have our own unique personalities, some people get insanely awkward around new people, making themselves look incredibly weird in the process.

Question 4

Do You Love Jim And Pam?

We can all stop pretending that Jim and Pam don’t represent relationship goals for anyone who's ever tuned in to The Office. Though Jim has a tendency to be a massive douche, there's no denying that these two were meant for each other.

Question 5

Do You Follow Celebrity Couples?

Celebrities are said to be just like you and me, but none of us are on the covers of magazines or are appearing in movies. These people that do are virtually everywhere, and celebrity couples are always a hot topic for discussion.

Question 6

Are You Currently In Love?

Love is such a wonderful and terrible thing that causes euphoric highs and bitter lows. But let’s not act like we all don’t actively pursue the feeling of being in love. Though the feeling isn’t always reciprocated, being in love happens when you least expect it.

Question 7

How Do You Feel About Leslie And Ben?

Being your awkward self and staying true to who you are is the best possible way to find the love of your life. Leslie and Ben are two characters who come across as incredibly awkward at times, and they were able to find true love.

Question 8

Have You Been In A Relationship Recently?

Some people have a penchant for dating around, whereas other people rarely date. We all have a specific way of going about things, so kudos to you for being yourself. Sometimes, space between relationships can be a beneficial thing for your personal life.

Question 9

Do You Enjoy Romantic Comedies?

Romantic comedies contain plenty of laughs and a whole lot of heart. Though they seem more geared toward women, plenty of men find joy in watching these flicks. Some, however, give the genre a terrible name and making people resent romcoms.

Question 10

Have You Seen The Notebook?

Let’s not pretend that you haven’t dated someone or know someone who's watched this movie so many times that the DVD is completely worn out. Ladies, you don’t have to put up a tough front about watching this film.

Question 11

Do You Only Enjoy Action Movies?

Having a diverse taste in film genres can be a great way to find common ground with people. However, sticking to the same type of movies can really narrow your view on things. Seeing Steven Seagal take down bad guys is cool, but try something new.

Question 12

Do You Consider Yourself A Romantic?

Being romantic is a great way of expressing how you feel about the person that you're interested in, and it can be a good way of setting the mood. Being a hopeless romantic, however, is a solid way to be single for the rest of your life.

Question 13

Do You Enjoy A Good Adrenaline Rush?

Chasing an adrenaline rush can become an addiction for a lot of people, and they choose to live their life on the edge. Other people, meanwhile, hate doing things that are considered too extreme, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Question 14

Is "Every Breath You Take" A Creepy Song?

This has been a divisive question for decades now, though we know that there's only one right answer. If you find this song to be endearing, you might want to talk to someone about your personal life. If you think the song is creepy, you’re good to go.

Question 15

Do You Think True Love Can Last Forever?

Yes, Axl Rose may have said that things don’t last forever, but we can’t always take advice from a rock star. True love is something that's sought by all, and if you don’t believe that you can find an eternal love, you need to reassess some things.

Question 16

Do You Believe That Your One True Love Is Out There?

This world is filled with billions of people, so the chances of finding true love should leave people hopeful. However, believing that your true love is wandering the streets actively looking for you is a thought that some people scoff at.

Question 17

Do You Enjoy Twilight?

Oh, Twilight. These books and films took the world by storm, and it was a legitimate phenomenon. Thankfully, the series has reached its end, but the fandom runs deep. It was a story about how badly a girl needs a boyfriend, which turned a lot of people off.

Question 18

Do You Enjoy Stand-Up Comedy?

Laughter makes the world a better place, but you'd be surprised at how many people largely ignore stand-up comedy. It's a total shame because there are tons of excellent stand-up comedians, and their podcasts have spawned communities filled with like-minded people.

Question 19

Do You Enjoy Being Single?

Some people truly enjoy the single life, and we can't really blame them. You're only responsible for yourself, and you can have fun. Others, however, loathe being single. If you can’t stand being alone, that says a lot about you.

Question 20

Do You Keep Your Home Clean?

Keeping a clean home may seem like a normal part of life, but if you spend enough time in other people’s homes, you'll notice that cleanliness varies from one person to the next. I think you know where we’re heading with this.

Question 21

Do You Wear Clean Clothes?

Much like maintaining a clean home, wearing clothes that have been recently washed is a normal part of adult life. No one wants to be around a person who wears dirty clothes and who smells like an old shoe. Seriously, don’t be this lazy.

Question 22

Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Sleep is such a wonderful thing. There's arguably no better way to kill time and feel better in the process than getting some sleep. Well, you could go to the gym, but that takes way too much time and requires a shower immediately after.

Question 23

Do You Go To Local Coffee Shops?

While it may seem that virtually everyone grabs coffee and scones at Starbucks, plenty of people prefer going to local coffee shops instead. They're perfect places to establish a “spot,” and it’s a great place to take a casual coffee date.

Question 24

Do You Have Manners?

Having manners hardly makes you a stuck-up person, and it can go a long way in making a good impression on people. Having manners is a decent thing, whereas being insanely rude is a terrible way to meet people.

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Question 25

Are You A Polite Person?

Going in the same direction as the "without manners" question, being polite is a great way of getting people to have positive opinions of you. However, people who are overly polite can come across as meek and annoying, so finding a balance is key.

Question 26

Are You Good With Kids?

It's not uncommon to not want to have children, but it's something entirely else to be good with kids. Some people are terrible with children, while others are great with kids. People tend to find people who are good with kids more attractive.

Question 27

Are You Involved With The Community?

Many of us are incredibly fortunate in life, and it's important to give back when you can. There are plenty of local charities and outreach programs that you can get involved with. Whether it’s altruistic or not, getting involved is always a plus.

Question 28

Are You Hygienic?

Personal hygiene is no laughing matter, and it's insanely important to keep up with your daily routine. Showering, brushing your teeth, and making sure you look presentable are essential parts of adult life. It’s hard to take someone seriously when that person looks haggard.

Question 29

Do You Frequently Eat Like Garbage?

Making the lazy decision to eat like trash may seem like a good idea for a brief moment, but after spending some time chowing down on garbage, you always feel horrendous. It’s important to be an adult when it comes to the food you eat.

Question 30

Are You A Troublemaker?

Growing up, it always seemed that girls liked the bad boys. Not only did you see it in movies, but these relationships would unfold in our actual lives as well. But it's key to remember that girls, not women, like bad boys.

Question 31

Are You A Goodie Two Shoes?

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the people who are goodie two shoes. You don’t have to try and live your life within the parameters that others set at all times. Being overly good is just as annoying as being a troublemaker.

Question 32

Do You Make People Laugh?

Making people laugh is a crafty and perfect way to get people to drop their guard and be comfortable with you. For those looking for love, being funny goes a long way. However, trying too hard to be funny will keep you single forever.

Question 33

Do People Enjoy Being Around You?

This may seem like something that's too obvious, but most people don’t have enough self-awareness to answer this honestly. Being around a bunch of people all the time doesn’t mean that they like being around you. If people enjoy your company, you’ll know.

Question 34

Do You Make Friends Easily?

Some people have a much easier time making friends than others do. You don’t need to be a social butterfly to makes friends easily. Some people are able to connect with those who are willing to strike up a conversation with them.

Question 35

Are You A Hard Worker?

Being willing to get your hands dirty and do what's necessary is a key component in finding success and happiness in life. But, this doesn’t just apply to your job. This attitude stretches into your personal life and relationships as well.