Dan + Shay yes, really know exactly how to hype their fans up- their recently released music video clip has anyone on the edge of their seats! clock it here!

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Dan and Shay all To Myself Lyrics and song were released in 2018 together a track on their me titled album. Nation music duo Dan + Shay room making fans sit on the edge of your seats v the relax of your music video, “All come Myself.” The song captures the real-life, alluring give and also take between couples that share just around everything in life… except each other!

Dan and also Shay every To Myself Video

This music video clip is continuing to exaggeration up fans even an ext for their upcoming album release. The surname of the album is Tequila and country radio cannot play sufficient of the title track as it is working its method up the charts!

“The solution to ‘Tequila’ has actually been for sure incredible,” Dan Smyers states in a press release concerning the famous hit.

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“We knew the song was special, however to view it have such one impact, this early on on, has been so exciting to watch. We quickly have the finest fans on the planet! Cheers to an ext ‘Tequila!’”

#TEQUILA is officially optimal 10! say thanks to you nation radio for playing the heck out that this song, and also thank you to our fans for requesting + turning it increase every time it come on!