The is b. High protection of your personal assetsSince you have to share every profit and also loss In a partnership, you have to sell your an individual assets in case your business goes under. The doesn"t carry out protection for your personal assets

The fitting of plotted clues to develop a smooth progression between pay grades is well-known as a ________.

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Wage curve


This is recognized as a fairy curve. A fairy curve is a graphical illustration that reflects the current pay rate for different jobs in a salary grade with respect come the ranking of their company. The is done so the Employees room paid fine in respect come the an abilities they have actually and also the level of education they have actually acquired. Through a wage curve a firm can additionally see what other companies in same ar pay their employees.

Indicate exactly how a diminish in the price of producing oranges (a substitute because that apples) will affect the equilibrium price and also the equ choice (c) is correct.


Oranges and also Apples space substitute goods. Over there is a straight relationship in between the need of a particular an excellent and price that its substitute good.

This says that boost in the price of its substitute an excellent will typically lead to increase the need for a specific good.

In our case, the expense of developing oranges decreases, together a an outcome there is a palliation in the price level that oranges. Hence, this will lead to reduce the need for apples though its price stays the same.

This will change the need curve for apple leftwards, together a an outcome both equilibrium price and also equilibrium amount decreases in to apologize market.

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Suppose the price level reflects the number of dollars required to to buy a basket of products containing one cup the tea, one biscuit, a
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Deflation; 12.50%

5; 5.71



The percentage readjust in the basket expense is:


A an adverse change in cost method that there was a deflation.

From year one come year two, there is deflation at an annual rate of 12.50%.

The variety of baskets that can be to buy in years one and also two are:


In year one, $40.00 will certainly buy 5 baskets, and also in year two, $40.00 will certainly buy 5.71 baskets.

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This example illustrates that, as the price level falls, the worth of money increases.

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What is the CAP and also when to be it introduced
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cap is a lie the was designed in 2020

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