In the brand-new 2pac movie, all Eyez on Me, there is a scene where faith is acquisition a photo with 2pac and also there is one iPhone.

This is chronologically impossible due to the fact that the iPhone to be released in 2007 and also the movie was collection from 1971 to 1996.

Why the manager would allow such inaccuracy in a movie which is claimed to be a biography?

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(above is the actual movie mistake)

It could yet be funded by iPhone but I very doubt it because according to Forbes the movie is projected to do 53m (USD) and has currently made 13m in 2 days!

I cannot think of no longer explanations various other than that however I have found a YouTube video that supports your case :

50 cent posted this on his Instagram:

When you look at this 2 PAC movie, and also I know you desire to speak I"m hating. However there"s a scene in it wherein faith and PAC space taking a picture and THEY have actually A FUCKING iphone phone IN IT. What the fuck is this man

I could not find any footage that the scene where she walk it yet I to be going to take 50 cents word because that it and just say its a blooper.

He put one more post up stating his opinion on the movie:


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