Adela King (on Ladies of London, Hitting Rock Bottom, Recovery & "Run In" With Ghislaine Maxwell / Jeffrey Epstein)

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Adela King, from Ladies of London, steps Behind The Rope.Starting at the beginning, we chat about Adela’s background, how she got cast on Ladies of London and what being a part of the show was like.Adela explains what her friendship with Caroline Stanbury was like before, during and after the show. She explains how that relationship changed as a result of being on Ladies of London and what Adela thought of Caroline’s announcement of divorce and new hot man.She also explains her current relationships with the other women from Ladies of London, Sophie Stanbury, Marissa Hermer, Juliet Angus, Caroline Fleming, Caprice Bourret, Juliet Montagu and Noelle Reno. Adela opens up about the “loss” of her children and very public end of her relationship with her ex-husband, both of which we saw play out on the hit Bravo show. Adela is also brutally honest about her addiction, what caused that, how she battled it for many years, what her rock bottom was and what it looked like and, finally, how she started to rebuild her life after hitting rock bottom. She is open when discussing that her rock bottom including trying to take her own like and explains what it takes to reach out for help and offers advice for anyone who needs it. Finally, we talk Ghislaine Maxwell. Adela explains how and where she met Ghislaine Maxwell, how that led to a meeting with Jeffrey Epstein, and how Adela is very fortunate to be able to discuss this all here today! WOW. An episode not to be missed. Thank you Adela.

** We sat down with Adela in the past for the first part of an almost two hour chat.With all the DM’s we have been receiving asking if we could chat with Adela from Ladies of London, we are releasing the full unedited chat here today - the first part and the never before aired follow up.Yup, it is a Ladies of London extravaganza!


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