Adam Scott’s Parks and also Recreation character, Ben Wyatt, is the can be fried nerd-husband. He loves all points in the fantasy realm, and the Game that Thrones iron Throne qualifies as the ultimate romantic gift in his book. Real-life Adam Scott is not much different. A Star Wars fan because childhood, all Scott want as a boy was for Mark Hamill to show up together Luke Skywalker at his birthday party. That never got his Hamill moment—until Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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It was may the fourth (that’s Star battles Day because that devotees), and Scott told guest organize Kristen Bell that when he was just two years old, he invite Hamill to his birthday party. Empire Strikes Back to be just about to fight theaters, and also a very young Scott was ready to accomplish his hero. He did not show.

“Did girlfriend think he was gonna come?” Bell inquiry Scott.

“I did,” he said. “I thought at least, if he obtained , and he to be able to, if his schedule to be clear, the was probably gonna come.”

Then, in the center of Scott’s story, the Star Wars design template blared. The cameras reduced to backstage, wherein Hamill, his earlier to the camera, prepared to go into the stage, lightsaber in hand. “No, no,” Scott said in disbelief.

As Hamill approached Scott, his hand visibly shook before they embraced.

“I to be checking my diary, and also that week, I had two various other birthdays, a bar mitzvah, and also a supermarket opening,” Hamill joked.

Bell, who appeared glad to help a grown man fulfill his childhood hero, knows a thing or two around seeing desires realized on speak shows. In 2012, Ellen DeGeneres, play a video clip of Bell’s meltdown over sloths—her personal Star Wars. Still, Hamill—and his lightsaber—might victory out over a sloth.

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