Nowadays, celebrities modeling for substantial clothing suppliers is nothing major. But according come Tommy Hilfiger and associates, as soon as Aaliyah became a spokesmodel for the brand in 1996, she was the an initial R&B act to land a significant endorsement together such. She set the bar high and also created a format that’s still pertinent today. Without Aaliyah, Hilfiger’s women’s heat would have actually never expanded.

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Aaliyah to be a huge fan the Tommy Hilfiger

Aaliyah’s style was unlike any type of of her teenage peers at the time of she debut. She to be tomboyish, however still feminine. While Brandy and Monica wore heels and also evening gowns in photoshoots and on red carpets, Aaliyah pull on down and also preferred comfortability. She called MTV the her fashion options were intentional to create an overall unique look.

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“I wanted something to collection myself personal from anyone else in mine music and also style because everyone else is so similar,” she said. In a 1994 interview with the network, she elaborated more on her an individual style and how it related to her personality and also sound. 

“I’m mellow therefore my style matches that,” she said. “I to be a laid earlier person, i beg your pardon is what ns portray top top camera. It’s not much of a difference so that’s why it’s therefore easy.”

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One of her favourite brands come wear to be Tommy Hilfiger. The sporty attire was popular amongst the i know good hop ar for its interlocutor colors. Rappers had actually already advocated the brand in their music and also wore their apparel on stage, including Snoop Dogg during a 1994 power on SNL. Hilfiger took an alert and began gifting rappers that loved their garments thousands of dollars of free merchandise and the brand take it off.

At the time, Aaliyah was among the just female R&B singers come don the brand as it fit her mold. The garments were baggy, yet she found special methods to dress them up v accessories and her signature long, sleek hair v a swooped bang and also dark shades.

Tommy Hilfiger make Aaliyah a model and designed a women’s apparel line through her in mind

Aaliyah’s finest friend, Kidada Jones, eventually came to be a stylist for Hilfiger and likewise worked together Aaliyah’s stylist. Andy Hilfiger told facility Magazine in a 2016 interview that he gained a speak to from Aaliyah’s label that let him understand that she to be interested in modeling. Andy was acquainted with Aaliyah’s look and also knew she to be a supporter of the brand and decided to put her in an ad.

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“What Aaliyah yes, really did was present this style, the sexy yet sporty-chic style. She brought this swagger, this sexiness. The was just incredible. We developed a new look v Aaliyah, and that watch is still famous today,” Andy said. The success that the project led come the brand incorporating more women’s equipment into the line, as they’d previously only had actually a handful of items and also prior come Aaliyah’s practice pieces, she donned your menswear line. 

Dawton Thomas, an Editor in Chief in ~ VIBE Magazine, feel Aaliyah as the preferred spokesperson make the most sense.

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E! celebrate 30 years v rare video clip of Aaliyah ⏮ . This was filmed during the top photoshoot for
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“It provides sense that she’s the one that took your women’s wear come a entirety ‘nother level. The overlapping jeans, sports bra, and also no waist: it worked,” thomas said.

Aaliyah launched the brand’s jean heat in a nationwide commercial ad. She also shot a selection of publish ads and walked confidently on red carpets in Hilfiger.