1. A professional who specializes in analyzing and designing business units is dubbed a(n) ____.a. programmerb. stakeholderc. end userd. units analyst

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2. Throughout the ____ phase of the system development procedure, potential troubles and also avenues are determined and taken into consideration in light of the purposes of the business.a. units architecture b. systems evaluation c. systems investigationd. systems implementation
3. Throughout the _____ phase of the systems advancement life cycle, world attempt to answer the concerns "What should the information system perform to fix the problem?"a. systems examination b. systems implementation c. devices designd. units analysis
4. ____ results in a placed, operational information mechanism that meets the service needs for which it was emerged.a. systems implementation b. systems investigationc. units designd. devices maintenance and also review
5. The training of end users is an essential job in the ____ phase of a units advancement project.a. devices design b. systems maintenance and also reviewc. devices implementationd. namong the above
6. _____ takes an iterative strategy to the systems development procedure.a. Rapid application advance b. Protokeying c. Classic units advance d. Namong the above
7. The _____ mechanism advancement approach needs participation and also regular face-to-face meetings via all task participants as they modify, refine, and test exactly how the mechanism meets users" needs and also what its capabilities are.a. protokeying b. agile development c. extreme programmingd. none of the above
8. Organizations are utilizing outsourcing for system advance in order to ____.a. mitigate prices b. achieve state-of-the-art technology c. increase technical flexibilityd. all of the above
9. ____ is most likely to impact the top quality of the devices advancement effort.a. the degree of change connected through the projectb. whether the task is a consistent change initiative or a reengineering effortc. the capability to control readjust linked through the projectd. all of the above
10. The second level in the capcapacity maturity model is ____.a. repeatable b. optimized c. definedd. managed
11. Activities on the crucial course of a project have actually ____ slack time.a. unlimited b. maximum c. minimumd. zero
12. Based on _____, managers make decisions regarding the initiation of each mechanism examination for potential IS projects.a. the in its entirety IS setup b. the organization"s needs and also goals c. the estimated value and priorityd. every one of the above
13. ____ is an assessment of whether the hardware, software program, and also various other device components can be acquired or developed to deal with the problem.a. Systems examination b. Feasibility evaluation c. Technical feasibilityd. None of the above
14. ____ determines whether the project deserve to be completed in a reasonable amount of time.a. Economic feasibility b. Legal feasibility c. Operational feasibilityd. Schedule feasibility
15. The systems steering committee ____.a. consists of middle level managers from the IS department b. never before consists of finish customers c. can indicate a readjust in project focusd. namong the above
16. The major outcome of the devices evaluation phase is ____.a. a prioritized list of system requirementsb. information models needed to construct the new systemc. instance diagrams to be supplied in device designd. determined sources of information for the brand-new system
17. Entity-connection diagrams are used to percreate ____.a. data modeling b. process modeling c. problem analysisd. activity analysis
18. File flow diagrams ____.a. are used to version data entities and also their relationshipsb. are fairly complex and also seldom used or understood by nontechnical peoplec. describe the activities that achieve a company taskd. all of the above
19. In a data flow diagram, the ____ symbol reveals a duty that is being perdeveloped.a. information circulation b. processc. entity d. data store
20. The system evaluation concludes with a formal system analysis report that includes ____.a. identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing systemb. practical requirements for the new systemc. organizational requirements for the brand-new systemd. all of the above
21. The raised usage of the ____ method has actually many kind of IS specialists looking right into making use of the Web to run applications such as word processing, spreadsheet evaluation, and others, instead of putting these applications on the desktop or lappeak computer systems.a. fast application development b. end-user units developmentc. cloud computer approachd. all of the above
22. ____ needs unbiased and also cautious questioning of whether device facets are related in the the majority of reliable methods.a. Critical evaluation b. Creative evaluation c. Causal analysisd. Documents circulation analysis
23. ____ is an efficient means to reduce risk and also defend an organization"s crucial data resources.a. Secure any type of off-site IS facilities b. Control access to important data c. Encrypt information and also filesd. All of the above
24. The function of ____ is to encertain that the device operates as intended and also to modify the mechanism so it continues to fulfill altering company needs.a. units implementation b. systems maintenance and reviewc. devices analysisd. systems design
25. The ____ phase of the typical devices development life cycle identifies toughness, weakensses, and also opportunities for development in the present mechanism.a. systems examination b. devices analysis c. units designd. units implementation
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