Nya"s family had been ago in their home village for a few months as soon as she experienced the strangers come. Ajeep drove approximately the town and a bunch of youngsters ran to satisfy it. Nya was as well shy to fulfill the strangers therefore she watched from far away.

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Nya observed two males come out of the jeep. They spoke through her brother, Dep, and also then checked out visit the leader of their village who was Nya"s uncle.

Nya wanted to understand what the strangers would talk around with the leader (chief) of their village. Dep told she they to be talking around water. Nya was confused and also wanted to understand more. "What about water?" she wondered.


Southern Sudan 1985

Salva to be amazed at just how dry and empty the desert was. There to be no tree anywhere. Virtually nothing might survive in the desert because it would need to go so lengthy without water.

Uncle told Salva it would take 3 days to cross the Akobo desert. Salva was worried due to the fact that his shoes were currently falling apart and would no last three much more days. After walking only a few minutes, Salva took off his shoes and also kept walk barefoot.

The first day go in the desert felt prefer the longest job ever. The was very very hot and there wasn"t also a small breeze to do them feel better. Also breathing became hard because that Salva since he to be so tired.


As Salva walked barefoot his feet were reduced with throns and his lips came to be so dry that they cracked and were bleeding. Uncle told Salva to drink his water slowly, yet it was so difficult not to drink it every at once.

At the finish of the day, Salva stubbed his toe on a rock and also the pain was horrible. His entirety toenail come off! Salva tried no to cry and to be brave yet he couldn"t assist it.

Suddenly, Uncle observed Salva crying and inspired the to store going by informing him come walk just as far as the next team of bushes.


As Salva struggled to keep going his Uncle took the end a item of fruit and also gave it come Salva to give him energy. Salva to be so happy.

Uncle preserved telling Salva "just to walk as much as those rocks" to keep inspiring him to save going also when he want to give up.

Everytime Salva want to give up, that would just think of his family and somehow he to be able to store going. Finally, it was dark and Salva was able to remainder for the night.

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The next day was precisely as hot and tiring and also hard together the day before. Salva go his finest to keep going.

All that a suddenly Salva experienced something moving in the distance. He witnessed nine people but realized they were lying on the ground, together they walked by Salva realized every one of them to be either dead or very close come death.

One mrs in Salva"s team wanted to assist the human being who were not dead yet, but another member the the team told her not to and to conserve her water for herself. The team members stated "If you provide them her water, you will certainly not have enough for yourself!" the very same voice shouted "It is useless--you will die, and you will die through them!".