Lana is real, Geoffrey is dating two women in ~ once, and Ed realizes his true love is his daughter, no Rosemarie. Well shade us shocked, this is an awkward encounter all around.

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Good Ol’ Brokenhearted Boy

Geoffrey return to Knoxville, Tennessee, yet Varya is still text massage him to mend their relationship. He stays unfazed. “The ideal thing for me to perform is just overlook it and shot to relocate on with my life,” he states in a confessional. “I feel prefer she’s messing through my heart.”


His sons choose him increase from the airport, and also Geoffrey summarizes his trip, concluding through the refuse proposal. “I just knew it to be going to happen…I simply didn’t have a great feeling about it,” among his sons responds. Geoffrey vows to relocate on through his life, there is no Varya.

The Players’ Club

Lisa is quiet scrambling to have actually her divorce documents sent to Nigeria. The U.S. Courthouse agrees to overnight the documents, and all is well again between Lisa and Usman.

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The season starts come wrap up through a surprised proposal, but it appears that two break-ups might be coming.

Oh wait, never mind. Moments later on they’re fighting again. Lisa states she experienced a “whore” ~ above Usman’s on facebook messenger. “You think you’re a wannabe player? well I’ve to be watching her for months,” she scolds him. “Who in the f**k execute you think friend are?”


They were apparently calling one another “baby,” speak they love each other, and also sending kissing emojis. Usman claims the woman digital is “just a friend.” Lisa is convinced they were intimate, and she gives Usman one ultimatum: block the woman online, or lock won’t gain married.

He says that he’s doing a “favor” to Lisa by marrying her, yet she difficulties that she has actually “50 men” in the U.S. Who would conveniently want to be through her. She says they’re done and also walks off.

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Barbie Dreamhouse

Single mommy Darcey applies face masks to her two teen daughters. She opts for the miracle mask for herself because she “needs a miracle right now.”

“Mom is Barbie,” she daughter jokes, with the plastic mask covering Darcey’s face. “Where’s your Ken?”

“Hopefully comes soon,” Darcey laughs. “It’s coming. The right one. You males would feeling it also I bet. …Mommy’s trying her best.”

Back in Manhattan, Darcey’s ex Tom packs to leave new York. He keeps repeating to himself that new love Shannon is his “future” and claims he wanted to obtain the Darcey the “first met” back. Now he’s just glad to move on. “I have to get what that is ns really truly want, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m going come Toronto to see my new girlfriend Shannon,” Tom confidently speak the camera. “I’m walk to start the new journey of my life.”

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Coming to America

After meeting Ash’s ex-wife Sian, Avery really hopes to clarify some details with him, including his arrangement to relocate with Taj to America. “There’s a difference between creating negativity and also being real with reality. Those space things i don’t want to create off. Allow me understand the situation for what that is,” Avery pleads with Ash.

In a confessional, he cases that Sian was initially willing to have actually her son move throughout the globe however then “changed her mind.” ok Ash, entirely believable. Avery tries to come up with a compromise for Ash come visit the U.S. For a couple of months at a time, rather of relocating permanently and also putting his connection with Taj in ~ risk.

“Finding the end that everybody isn’t top top the very same page, it hurts,” Avery speak the camera. “There’s just so numerous things that space really being stacked versus us.”

The border Does no Exist

After finding the end that Lana is in truth a actual person, it appears that the just true catfish is through Williams. Regardless, Yolanda refuses to accept the male she was interacting with because that the past seven month is in truth a scammer. “I really want to understand who precisely I’m dealing with,” she explains, ignoring all the proof that Williams does no actually exist.

Williams, or the group of scammers that are using that name, said Yolanda the he had a fatality in the family so that’s why he’s been absent. She asks because that a picture to prove he’s real, and instead the requests Yolanda send a snapshot instead since she can be the catfish. Climate of food he stop responding again. She did not confront Williams around the Nigerian call number or the blackmail or even around the account gift changed.

“The magic the love is simply wonderful and also I love the feeling that loving someone provides you,” Yolanda states in a fog of disbelief. “I absolutely still want to go to England to fulfill him.” there is no border to she denial, apparently.

Look on the glowing Side

Ed tries to uncover Rosemarie in ~ the resort, yet she already had left for the airport. “She didn’t even say goodbye,” the cries. “I failed. Again.” he plans to reach out to his daughter to explain the situation, yet doesn’t feel a should fight to gain Rosemarie back.

“Raising mine daughter is the one point I’m many proud of, and also that’s most likely the one point I threw away for me to it is in happy since I took a chance on love. Ns really thought increased was the one. I want to believe so badly the it was real,” Ed reels to the camera. “But i was wrong.”

It’s yes, really Over

Following their breakup, Stephanie reached out to Erika to accomplish up prior to her trip the next day. “I placed my love on the line for Steph. I come out to mine parents, ns was ready to threat so lot for her however she really hurt me. I don’t recognize if I have the right to come earlier from that,” Erika states in a confessional.

Stephanie tells Erika that she hopes for closure, however Erika defines the whole trip together a “mess” and a slew the apologies. “All I deserve to do right here today is apologize. Ns still have these stunner insecurity and also jealousy issues and I shouldn’t have carried that into the relationship,” Stephanie responds. Erika says that she should have determined those issues before traveling to Australia.

“I think I’ve said every little thing that I want to say. I just don’t provide a f**k anymore, to it is in honest. I simply want come forget that all of this happened, however unfortunately ns can’t,” Erika concludes. And that’s it. They’re done.

Meet Lana

David finally has his long-awaited moment with Lana, and we also finally gain to learn much more about her. The 28 year-old apparently initially reached out to David ~ above the date website seven years prior since of their mutual passion for travel. Lana particularly only has tried to date American men since of the opportunities in the U.S., plus access to varied cosmetic products.

So why put off conference David? Perhaps due to the fact that of his age, perhaps due to the fact that she really did have household obligations every time he was in the Ukraine. We’ll never know. She simply coyly claims she “changed she mind” before.

“I never lied come David about my factors for why ns couldn’t meet him. Yet I think I’m all set now,” Lana speak the camera.

Moving On

It’s currently been 3 weeks due to the fact that Geoffrey changed from Russia. Varya has still been trying to connect with him, however he instead has been do the efforts to day again. His flirtatious friend Mary, who continuously told Geoffrey the she want to it is in romantic with him, is currently his rebound from Varya.

“I want to find happiness and also I want somebody to discover that pleasure with me. I really do see a future with Mary so I’m hoping the closer I get with her, I’ll normally start forgetting these feelings I had actually with Varya,” he explains.

“This has actually been years in the making,” mary confirms. “But I simply want come make certain he’s together in together I am.”

“I deserve to honestly say that I desire you together a life companion or as a girlfriend forever. What would you rather in between us?” Geoffrey questions, currently knowing the answer. That swears the he doesn’t have feelings for Varya anymore. He even wore a tie for the occasion! It’s the first time he’s worn one in a while, exterior of a courthouse. That need to count for something, right? castle cheers to their future together, yet uncertain it might be.

“Maybe ns didn’t must go every the way to Russia to find love. Maybe Mary is my life partner,” Geoffrey gushes.

Let the boy Watch

Ash and Avery invest the day with Taj. He’s readjusted his perspective, currently saying that it could be even too much for Taj to be far from Ash just for three months if he was visiting Avery. So now Ash is the one saying he might have to “rethink” their relationship. Seems choose he is ready to use his son as a scapegoat to leave Avery, only after realizing she’s no blinded through his mistruths.

“As a parent myself, I know that it’s a small bit hard to read children but I certainly feel favor Taj is warming up to me and also I’m loving spending this time with both the them,” Avery graciously tells the camera. “But it’s a small bit bittersweet seeing them together due to the fact that if Ash were to pertained to America to be v me for longer periods that time, he would have to spend time far from Taj, and also the last point I desire to execute is develop issues in between a parent and their child.”

With only a couple of days left in Melbourne, Avery states to Ash the she’s walking to miss him immensely. She explains in a confessional the she was originally hoping to be involved by the finish of the trip, but filing the K-1 visa now could not it is in in the ideal interest of Taj.

Guess Who’s Back?

Geoffrey tells his boys the he’s to be casually seeing household friend Mary. Varya doesn’t know about him date Mary, and also he sums it increase to simply “living his finest life.” They continue to do an “aw shucks” montage the four-wheeling and father-son bonding….until Varya is displayed at the airport! She’s landed in Knoxville to win earlier Geoffrey.

“My tourist visa gained approved and also I wanted to perform a surprise for Geoffrey,” Varya exclaims. “I didn’t phone call him the I’m coming.” She plan to it is in in town for 2 weeks, yet booked a hotel for simply one night due to the fact that she’s confident Geoffrey will let her remain in his house. She likewise has determined that his previous doesn’t issue anymore. Dorn choice.

“Hopefully he’ll it is in happy to check out me,” she smiles. “I think he loves me still. …The following step is around the ring and our future.”

“I’ll Be through You every My Life”

Usman chases ~ Lisa to calm she down. “I’m ready to go earlier to the f**king floor of the complimentary and f**king kind people,” she mutters. Yet she still waits to hear Usman out.

“Yes you watch I created to her the ‘I love you.’ but that go not median that ‘I love you,\"” Usman tries to convince Lisa, using his status as a musician together an explanation. Therefore does his song entitled “I Love You” no actually average he loves Lisa?

“Despite all the bulls**t drama between Usman and also me, ns love Usman more than life and also I think him…but i don’t think Usman has ever before had a woman placed him in his place,” she comments.

“I still desire to marry since going come the United states is really important because that me too, but leaving my family, mine friends, mine career and going come live through a woman who yells in ~ me ~ above a everyday basis … i don’t recognize if she’s worth it,” Usman questions.

David In Disbelief

Now earlier to David awkwardly drooling end Lana. He’s giddy, giggling like a mischievous tiny kid. “You’re so beautiful,” he repeats as he proceeding hugs her. “I can’t believe you’re here.” Neither can we.

David supplies a translator application to recognize Lana. “Oh it feel so good…I never ever want to let friend go,” he states in his best Norman Bates impression. At the very least Lana is impressed; to she David is much more attractive in human than she expected.

“It’s time to begin our life together,” David smiles.

Three’s A Crowd

Varya it s okay “drop dead gorgeous” in she hotel room prior to traveling to Geoffrey’s house. She tells her and Geoffrey’s love story come the cab driver when en route. “I want to gain him back and then I will certainly relax,” she jokes. “Here ns am, ready to surprised my man.”

Cut come Geoffrey opened the door. “Oh my god, what are you law here?” the uneasily embraces her. Of course Mary simply happens to be in ~ his home at the exact moment Varya arrives. Is this the begin of 90 day Fiancé: after Dark? because it sure feels prefer an opened to one after hours film. Alas, that’s the cliffhanger that the episode: who will Geoffrey choose? go he even have to? will certainly Varya and also Mary battle each other it out? Let’s see following week.

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Stephanie return to Yonkers and struggles to open up up to her mom. Ash speak Avery he wants to marry her, and also Ed lands in san Diego while tho pining for Rosemarie. Lisa is wait for an in-person proposal from Usman, add to David tells Lana that he had hired a private investigator to track her down. Lana unsurprisingly does no take the news well. And also of course there is the tiny information of Geoffrey having actually a Notebook level decision to make.