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Exterior Information

Exterior Material: Brick/Stone (Brick and/or Stone)Construction top quality (1-Lowest, 10-Highest): 6
Total number of Stories: 2Total Sq. Ft. Of every Structures: 5,365Total Sq. Ft. The All frameworks Description: life AreaTotal perfect Sq. Ft. The All structures on Property: 5,365Total Assessor Sq. Ft. The Buildings: 5,365Permitted Remodel Year: 1910Ground Floor Sq. Ft.: 2,900# of structures on Property: 1
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Median revenue PriceMedian revenue Price# of dwellings SoldMedian job on MarketSingle household HomesAll home TypesSingle household HomesTownhousesCondos/Co-ops
Some residences get multiple offers.The average dwellings sell for about 2% above list price and also go pending in around 42 days.
Many dwellings get multiple offers, some with waived contingencies.The average homes sell for about 7% over list price and also go pending in roughly 31 days.
Many houses get lot of offers, some through waived contingencies.The average houses sell for about 8% above list price and also go pending in around 28 days.
This area is somewhat walkable — some errands have the right to be accomplished on foot. Over there is a minimal quantity of facilities for biking.
Homes comparable to this residence are provided between $130K to $1,100K in ~ an average of $230 per square foot.
Nearby homes similar to this home have recently sold between $275K come $935K in ~ an typical of $170 per square foot.
89 Hillsboro St is a 5,365 square foot home on a 4,356 square foot lot. This residence is right now off sector - it last offered on June 29, 2004 because that $245,000
Based top top's industry data, us calculate that sector competition in 27312, this home's neighborhood, is somewhat competitive. Dwellings sell for about 2% over list price and go pending in approximately 42 days.
The closest school is Pittsboro Elementary. The closest grocery store stores are Piggly Wiggly, Chatham Marketplace and also Food Lion. Surrounding coffee shops include Blue period Coffee, cafe Diem and Natural chief Cafe. Surrounding restaurants encompass S & T Soda Shoppe, The City Tap and Virlie's Grill.


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