*We’re closed on Sundays for an undetermined lot of timewhile we staff earlier up. We evaluate your patience.

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MUSIC IN THE BEER GARDENIf we’re doing mirrors outside, remember ours Beer Garden seating is limited, therefore grab your pop-up chairs and also make your own socially-distanced seating in the parking lot. Please get in through the main entrance and also come come the hold Stand.

We perform not take it reservations, every seating is very first come very first served. Us recommend arriving 1 hour prior to show time v your party to prevent a wait. Because of staffing issues, waits and food times might be longer than usual. Give thanks to you for your patience.

IN EFFECTMasks are required to enter and move about inside the building, consisting of while dancing, even if it is you are vaccinated or not. You have the right to remove your mask come eat.
We’re open for Inside, Patio, and also Beer Garden dining following all safetyprotocols available. Or if girlfriend prefer, get IT to GO!

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“Walking right into The Blue keep in mind Grill i felt like I simply walked into a club on Beale Street in Memphis, it’s favor a holidays without the lengthy drive”

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Lenny T, wear NC


George H, via Facebook

Best ribs I’ve had actually anywhere.The mac n cheese is incredible. Very reasonable prices and friendly service. Add to live music most nights.


Adam J., Apex, NC

Absolutely very delicious RIBS.First time here and well much better than ns expected. Looks grungy from outside, but the food is top NOTCH. The ribs felll turn off the bone. Could be the ideal ribs in all of DURHAM

I have fallen in love with this hole in the wall!First of all, if you’re planning on enjoy it the live music (which friend should), acquire there early on so you can nab a table inside close come the band. Food wise you absolutely must have the wet ribs. I’m normally a traction pork person since I only like yes, really tender ribs however these ribs to be spectacular – precise just fell right turn off the bone as soon as I make the efforts to pick them increase so I had to usage a fork. Likewise get the coleslaw and BBQ bread to soak up any type of extra sauce…

Alas! A location where yelp evaluate did not lead me astray in Durham.Either places are overhyped or they are bashed and when girlfriend visit are actually much better than the bashing has stated leaving me happy ns didn’t listen and took a risk. This wasn’t the instance with Blue Note. It was specifically as described. Quaint, no frills simply plain old good food establishment. Us sat outside in a quiet side searing area and sipped on $5 distinct cocktails when enjoying some fresh country air. Hubs ordered fifty percent rack of ribs with baked beans and fries. Ns ordered my walk to check in any kind of BBQ joint-pulled pork sandwich and also sweet potato fries. Us were both rather pleased with part size, price, service and also taste. Many importantly the taste. Exactly how perfectly moist and also pulled and not too many sauced mine sandwich was, with a fresh and also not too many mayonnaisey slaw and also fresh crisp bread…

Stumbled upon this location while ~ above vacation, the food was amazing, there was live music. I can make the 8 hour drive from my home just because that this.

Great neighborhood place for cheap drinks, music, and food! obtain the luxurious burrito and be ready to be completely satisfied!

Great place!The love music was good and it made for a great atmosphere. Ns love BBQ and ribs and also this location made them both very well and also they had good drinks. Our server to be efficient and also attentive. It to be an overall good place through a pretty down residence feel.

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“Great food and blues”Very tiny place, however the food and blues jam is something not to be missed! throughout the blues jam conference its favor a small community, everyone knows everyone and also they space not afraid to introduce themselves! i went because that my an initial time and got presented to almost everyone. The blues jam to be amazing, i had so lot fun just sipping top top a beer and also listening to the musicians.