This page offers details top top Dunedin Highland middle School, situated at 70 Patricia Ave, Dunedin, FL 34698, USA.

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Place Name Dunedin Highland middle School
Average Rating 2.6
Place Address 70 Patricia AveDunedinFL 34698-8101USA
Vicinity 70 Patricia Avenue, Dunedin
Phone Number (727) 469-4112
International Phone +1 727-469-4112
Place Type school, point_of_interest, establishment

Location Information

Full Address 70 Patricia Ave, Dunedin, FL 34698, USA
Street Number 70
Route Patricia path (Patricia Ave)
Locality Dunedin
Administrative Area Level 2 Pinellas ar
Administrative Area Level 1 Florida (FL)
Country United claims (US)
Postal Code 34698
Postal code Suffix 8101
Type school, point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 27.9997774
Longitude 27.9997774
Geo Location (27.9997774, -82.7766269)


★☆☆☆☆ Tori Holyoke

whereby to begin with this review. Well I can start through saying the if I had actually the possibility to send mine child in other places for her education and learning I would certainly jump at the chance. My kid who is in the sixth grade has been attacked numerous times physically, she has been threatened with rape & death on different occasions. She was got in she crotch and also all this offending kids are quiet students at the school. There room fights day-to-day in the various academies, simply yesterday there to be 6. The institution staff has actually absolutely no control over the student body what so ever. Once trying to resolve issues the assistant primary is dismissive, the principal is no better. Castle have children fill out event reports and nothing is ever before done. Describe to me why my son was assaulted from behind before spring break and also I did not hear around it native the school, ns heard that from mine child. They have actually all my contact information from 2 phone number to mine email. It"s for sure disgraceful. I have gone to the Superintendents office and get nowhere, that is frustrating together a parent to send your child to school where they execute not feel safe. Possibly this will certainly grab the institutions attention or the county. Ns sincerely expect so, this cannot continue.


★☆☆☆☆ sabriel Scuba

together a college student in this college I feel the it is really confusing this college has very rude children. The just program that is just remotely ok is the gifted regime I perform not appreciate the rude and unemotional teachers and violent students.


★☆☆☆☆ nicole castro

ns swear from now on ns posting my school difficulties here cuz all you guys do is "write a report" and also thats it nothing done. Ns dont know who this lady Mrs strength is but telling mine daughter come respect you due to the fact that it will carry problems if she doesnt... Will lug you problems for thinking you have actually the authority to speak to my daughter the means you do. YOU talk TO HER reasoning YOURE A QUEEN WILL carry YOUUUUUUUUUU problems WITH ME TRUSTTTTTTT and also BELIEVE IM no FROM HERE. I DONT SIT back AND LET things SIT top top THE earlier SHELF like THESE various other PARENTS. I ACN SJOW UP and also LET YOU know WHOOOOOO THE F!$# i AM. YOU, mine DEAR much better NOT SPEAK TO mine DAUGHTER THE means YOU go TODAY. YOU deserve to FORGIVE HER yet SHE never APOLOGIZED for WHAT SHE no DO. So UR NAME can BE POWERS but YOU have actually NONEEEEEE over THESE CHILDREN. Have A great WEEKEND LADY


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★☆☆☆☆ TEA concept

this institution being a student right here is horrible, ns am in the ATA program and I have been living v this for two years and it is simply confusing and just disastrous full of bulling and rude student there are fights every day during the week.