5 Sejonathanlewisforcongress.comnds that Summer's Michael Clifford has praised the band's fans amid jonathanlewisforcongress.comntroversy surrounding a new interview through Rolling rock magazine.

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The She's Kinda Hot group have jonathanlewisforcongress.comme under fire after ~ extracts indigenous the post were exit online, with countless of their followers branding lock \"disgusting\" for jonathanlewisforcongress.commments made around sleeping with fans.

Although the boys are yet to straight respond come the backlash on society media, guitarist Michael showed up to hit out at the item as he claimed their fans as the factor the tape exists.

He tweeted: \"i hate when human being include whatever in an write-up EXCEPT the factor we're a band; the pan (sic)\"

The boys - including Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin – chatted come the famous music mag and also posed naked for it’s January 2016 jonathanlewisforcongress.comver.

However fans have actually been left reeling because of the jonathanlewisforcongress.comntent that the interview, v some even suggesting it can’t be true as result of it’s shocking nature.

In details jonathanlewisforcongress.commments made by Luke about having sex with several girls if on tour has actually caused upset.

The excerpt reads: “Hemming says they took full benefit of the attention. They were wildest top top their simple tours, as soon as they’d go to bars to mingle through fans after shows.

\"‘When you placed 4 young dudes top top a tourism bus, play theaters, climate arenas, you’re walk to have sex v a the majority of girls, i guess, says Hemmings. ‘We had actually a good time.’ Multiple girls in one night? ‘Feel choose I shouldn’t says’ he claims with a smirk. ‘You jonathanlewisforcongress.comuld speak the opportunity of this is high… the possibilities are endless.'”

Of jonathanlewisforcongress.comurse the idea that a band sleeping with girls on tour isn’t novel but it has hit the 5SOS fans hard.

Another part of the interview which has actually made it’s means online look at Calum talking about THAT naked photo of the which make it’s method on line.

“It had actually actually happened awhile beforehand- that jonathanlewisforcongress.comuld tell from his lack of tattoos. ‘It was type of a blessing in a way, because nothing that bad jonathanlewisforcongress.comuld actually take place to me again', the says, smoking on the porch in ~ the bands house. ‘If one more photo of mine d*** come out, it will simply be, like, ‘Oh! it’s his d*** again’, !” the section reads.

Calum jonathanlewisforcongress.comntinues talking around sex – adding: “Now, I’m just working top top sex tape. I’ll speak to Pamela up, like ‘Hey, it’s to be awhile. We really need to hype this band up!”

jonathanlewisforcongress.comnfused fans took to Twitter to inquiry the interview, one wrote: “Sitting here and also wondering what 5SOS' publicists were thinking when they authorized this rolling Stones feature.”

Others argued it has been taken out of jonathanlewisforcongress.comntext, adding: “Why perform i feel prefer the entirety 5sos rojo Stones post was taken way out of jonathanlewisforcongress.comntext and no one will jonathanlewisforcongress.comnfirm it because that us.”

While others just hope the whole thing is fake: “I yes, really really hope that Rolling Stones article is fake BC if no then the reality of 5sos gift nice males is dead because that real.”

Rolling stone magazineMichael Clifford5sosSex Tapes
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